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What qualities to look for in an SEO specialist? 

Nowadays, all businesses regardless of their size, need to have a good website, which will guarantee their online success and increase their number of clients. Numerous business owners believe that their website has all it takes to attract new customers, but still don’t achieve the desired results. 

What can the problem be?

Perhaps, your website lacks one very important thing; that’s SEO. Search engine optimization is crucial for your webpage to rank high on google or other search engines, so that potential clients find it among the first results after typing a keyword. It’s the only way to achieve quick success, without wasting too much time on other marketing strategies. 

However, in order to have a good website SEO, you need a specialist who will first review your page and determine what needs to be done to boost its rank. What you need to do is find an SEO provider, such as Johnny SEO Houston, which offers a wide range of services to satisfy its customers’ needs. 

As today’s market is overwhelmed by search engine optimization specialists, you need to look for a reliable one which possesses the following qualities.

Extensive experience

Regardless of how cliché it sounds, experience really matters. Considering the huge number of SEO experts on the market, the first criteria of choosing one should be based on their years of experience. This criteria will help you eliminate probably half of the selection, as most of them are new on the market. 

However, the main reason why you need a professional with extensive experience, is that he/she will know exactly what the problem with your website is. Experienced SEO consultants use various strategies depending on the elements which need to be improved. They don’t use a universal technique for all clients.

Proof of success

How can you trust the quality of your potential candidates if you are not given a proof of their past or present success? This proof comes in the form of references or testimonials from previous clients. 

Although you can find recommendations and positive reviews of SEO companies online, it’s always better to use the initial meeting as a chance to ask for references of previous clients. You should also ask for contact information on current customers who are still using their services.

A successful specialist will be more than glad to provide you with everything you ask for. The more references the expert has, the more successful he/she is. Click here to read more about the importance of clients’ testimonials for future customers.

SEO and marketing knowledge

The person you hire must possess knowledge on all the three types of search engine optimization, the technical, on-page and off-page type. All of them are essential for your website’s success, but your specialist should know which one is of greatest importance to you and place its primary focus on that element.

Marketing knowledge is also required as you’ll need an expert who is going to write content which should be appealing to potential clients. The content needs to target people who visit the website and turn them into your clients by intriguing them with interesting and useful information about your products. SEO without good on-site marketing is worth nothing.

Communicative and flexible person

When interviewing your candidates, pay attention to their communication skills and attitude. You need a person who is able to explain the problems of your webpage as well as the possible solution in a language that everyone will understand. 

This person will also have close collaboration with the other employees on your team, so he/she has to be flexible and adjust its behavior in accordance with their personalities. An SEO expert should also be keen on constant upgrade of its knowledge by learning new techniques, like the ones on this link:, which won’t let you fall behind your cut-throat competition. 

Wrap up

Search engine optimization has become an indispensable part of every business. If you’re still reluctant about hiring a specialist, you better change your mind soon. 

It’s the only way to make your webpage rank higher, attract more customers and keep up with your competition. You certainly won’t regret making this decision!