Local Vs International IT Support Services

In today’s world of rapidly developing technology, it is increasingly important for small and medium-sized businesses to keep on top of the game if they want to seriously compete with their rivals. This involves regularly updating and improving their server systems, ensuring that they are using the most efficient technology and protecting themselves from cyberattacks. 

However, undertaking such tasks can be difficult, expensive and daunting if you are going solo. Unless you are a large business, it is highly advisable to outsource your IT needs to an IT support company, rather than starting up an internal IT department. This is because it will cost you less, your support will be of greater quality, and you’ll be able to direct your capital and resources to the field that your business specialises in. However, when deciding with whom you will use for IT outsourcing, is it more beneficial to hire a local or international company? Well, here are some facts and ideas to help you decide:

  • Multinational companies tend to have better networks

It is important to note that if a company is offering services in a country other than its own, then it is likely to be a large, well-networked company. Large companies benefit from the effects of economies of scale. This means then due to their size, they have more expertise, contacts, a larger workforce and more. Thus, by hiring such a company, you’ll be able to receive many of the same benefits. This should mean that the quality of service is better.

  • International companies may be disorganized

Although size tends to bring benefits, as mentioned above, it is also possible to be too big. This may mean that the company is overstretching, and has organisational issues due to its size. If this is the case, it may be better to choose an alternative company. Do your research into the business, and check reviews.

  • Where do the profits go?

Although this may not be of interest to those simply thinking about their own profits, some may be concerned about whether the profits remain in the country. Firstly, local businesses are more likely to hire local workforce, meaning that the contribution to your country’s economy is greater. Their profits are also more likely to be reinvested in your country, rather than being spent abroad.

  • Local companies may be more aware of local needs

Although an international company may operate in your country, they may not be as versed and well-aware of the issues that affect that country as a local company is. Such issues may be IT-related, such as the prevalence of power-cuts, but they may also be political and legal. For instance, what level of transparency must the business show in their IT networking?

Although the above list includes some key factors to consider, it is by no means exhaustive, and you should do your own extensive research. If you are interested in outsourcing your IT needs, make sure you check out IT Support Services for businesses in the UK.