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Knowing the history behind the digital forensic services

The digital forensic services are used for the investigation of computer-related crimes. The prior name of the services was computer forensic. With the emerging time, many new digital means have been introduced in the field. So, it became quite crucial for knowing the evolution and the history of digital forensic services.

There are two types of crimes that are analyzed in the services – criminal cases and civil cases. Both the cases are opposite to each other, and one is involving theft, etc. and the other one involves family disputes. Digital forensic also includes the private sector. The investigation of the internal of the corporate firms is also done by them. The scope of the survey is broad in digital forensic because of the collection of the shreds of evidence. It also involves complicated time limits and their explanations.

How do digital forensic services come into existence?

The legislation solved earlier the cases related to the computer. The first computer crime was the deletion of the files from the computer. After that, the crimes related to the computer goes on increasing. The government has passed laws to solve the issues relating to the copyright of the files on the computer. Instead of the decline in cybercrimes after the passing of the law, there was continuous growth in computer crimes. For this purpose, the government has appointed specialized computer experts to solve the problem of cybercrimes. In this way, the first computer crime department was set up for the investigation of the crimes. The department was filled with the professional’s members having the computer’s crime investigation as a hobby.

The first investigation of the computer crime investigation department was when a hacker had stolen some important information from the computer, and the case was solved with the help of networks and forensic methods. Professionals person were not appointed but made the first attempt to solve the case. The other investigators followed the same manner of the investigation.

In the era of early nineteen’s 

At that time, there was a high demand for doing the investigation with digital forensics. The pressure on the government has lead to open separate computer investigation departments in every area. The departments were divided into the regional heads, and even in the local heads. The Federal of the country has provided infrastructure for the computer investigation department. After the infrastructure, the focus was made on the development of the methods and techniques of investigation and analyzing of the cases. The professionals adopted scientific techniques for solving the case. The working of the computer crime department was made legal by the government and paperwork was started. The government also introduced the training program. The beginners in the computer crime investigation were provided training from the experts. In this way, digital forensic services came into existence. They are providing excellent service in the field of removing cybercrime from the country. The appointment of the expert is important in the cyber sercurity field.