Jigsaw Puzzle by Easybrain Is So Addictive; We’ll Tell You Why!

There is quite a movement going on in the world – yes, it is the blowback of the coronavirus outbreak, but we are not talking about that. What has recently started gaining traction are jigsaw puzzles, especially in the US market. People are going back to playing this classic game to cope with the difficult times and escape through the overload of information that is buzzing all around. Talking about jigsaws, here is a game that has garnered massive popularity on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This is one app worth having on your smartphone. Why? Here are some of the reasons you will fall in love with the app:

Massive Collection

The app offers a huge collection of over 5,000 puzzles in diverse categories and high-definition quality. The categories include Abstract, Art, Birds, Food, Hard, Mystery puzzles, and so many more. 

Stimulating Difficulty Levels

There are tons of images that you can start with. All you got to do is select the choicest one and set the number of pieces you want to play with. From nine to 400, you can choose the pieces you are comfortable with, making the game easy or challenging. 

Simple Interface

The user interface isn’t complicated but straightforward and interesting. Install the app, and it directly takes you to the images. On the bottom bar, you can find the categories and your puzzles in progress. You can choose from different available themes, and start playing the game without any hassles.

Stress Buster

Doing puzzles brings satisfaction and harmony. For the fans, it’s the key to happiness. No matter you succeed at the tasks or not, competing and staying involved in something useful is in itself so gratifying. Everyday stress evaporates, pushing you into a meditative state away from negative thoughts focusing on bringing together the puzzle pieces. 

Perfect for Individuals

If you are someone stuck alone amidst the coronavirus travel restrictions, this Jigsaw Puzzle by Easybrain is excellent for you. Even if you are someone who enjoys me-time more than getting along with other players, you can take a solo break and solve your puzzles in silence. 

Puzzling in the times of a pandemic is great to keep you sane and excited since you look forward to a new gaming challenge each day. This keeps you in high spirits. So, on a crazy Monday evening or on your next lazy Sunday afternoon, put your phone on “Do Not Disturb,” and get swept away by the Easybrain Jigsaw Puzzle. 

Download the app now and enjoy!