Is Route Planning software important? Why?


If you are planning routes with 10 stops or less, you can probably get away with using Google maps. Google maps can plan your delivery route, but it won’t necessarily optimize it. When you invest a lot of time & effort travelling around multiple places you, will find the cost adding up fast, route4me will reduce major costs & help your business operate in an efficient manner.

Route planning software have many benefits for your business, here are few for you to look at:

Cost-Effective Routes

Route software solves the travelling problem very easily by using advanced algorithms to resolve the best cost-effective route options for a mobile workforce.

Efficient route planning means increased safety

Safety come first and you don’t want the eyes of your drivers focused on anything else other than the road, so here a built-in voice command capabilities can direct drivers while keeping their hands on the wheel & their eyes on the road. You can also predict and avoid heavy traffican advantage for not only their safety but also for all road users.

Cuts transportation costs. 

It can easily cut your fuel & labor costs, sometimes by as much as 39%. It is a huge benefit for any small business trying to stay within a budget.

Drivers also spend less time on the road, which reduces wear & tear on vehicles & their maintenance costs.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The biggest benefit it has is a good customer satisfaction by ensuring the right driver gets to the right customer at the right time. Companies also tighten service windows given to customers & increases the on-time arrival rates.

Boosts control over driver. 

Route planning software helps you manage driver activities. Without a route planning solution it’s impossible to tell what drivers are doing. They could be makingun-necessary stops. Route planning software informs you if drivers are hustling or stalling.

Right-Sizes the Number of Vehicles in your Fleet

With the help of route optimization tools, fleet managers may find they need less vehicles for the same amount of work, with less vehicles there will be less drivers, less fuel costs, & less maintenance. That adds up to a major cost reduction for the company.

Increases productivity 

Many business save as much as 20 hours per week in route planning time & observe a compelling decrease in drive time. Route planning software also helps you do more work with less resources while holding the line on costs. It will help boost business profitability & growth.

Final Thoughts:

When people talk about route planning and vehicles, only some of the reasons in favor of efficient route planning come out, such as the need to reach a destination more quickly. But if you think about it, there are quite a lot of advantages your company might profit from if you optimize route planning.