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How To Use Your CB System

Communicating by CB is almost as iconic Americana as hitting the road on Route 66. Although the popularity might have passed, you can still chat with other motorists this way. Here are a few steps towards setting up your own equipment.

Getting A System

Before you can hit the open road, you will need to purchase a system to talk on. Whether you purchase new or used, you will want to buy one with a good kenwood radio battery. Look for the system that has the features you are interested in versus the range.

Learn the Codes

Also, before you get started, research for a list of codes used by CB operators. When you get your chance to reach out to others, you will want to understand what they are trying to say. Ask the person you bought your unit from if they have a list or you can look on the internet for the codes.

Find Out Your Reach

Now it is time to test out your new system. Once it is fired up and you can hear others, you will need to be patient and wait for a break in the action to speak out and look for someone to talk back with you. If no one does, try again until someone does. This is a great time to experiment with other channels and see what might be available for your system. Be certain to learn the rules involved with this sort of communication so that you such as avoiding channel nine unless there is an emergency.

Tell Your Friends

Once you are up and going, join a CB and meet new people. They can teach you new things and proper etiquette when using your unit. You can also tell your friends about it and have a new way to get together.