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Gas Sampling Counter Manufactures: Features and Functions

Gas sampling counter manufactures analyze or detect the concentration of air. These are some important features of a gas sampling pump.

  • Piston: A slim and wide piston which ensures a tight grip
  • Tip breaker: For convenient snapping of tubes 
  • Slow finish Indicator: It includes a built-in indicator that automatically tells you when strokes are complete.
  • Tubes: It includes many tubes which have different reagents in it to check the concentration of various gases.
  • Manual: You get a manual in which you can find the number of strokes a particular tube requires.

Why are they used?

  • They are intrinsically safe to use.
  • They are pre-calibrated and you just need to set the number of strokes you need.
  • They are not very expensive and you can easily get them online.
  • They can detect the concentration of many gases which are difficult to measure otherwise.
  • The gas sampling counter manufactures are heavy-duty, compact and very easy to use. 

Leak Testing:

  • Initiate a leak test because if the pump has leaked it may show inaccurate readings.
  • For checking a leak, take an unopened tube, and pull the piston until you hear a click sound. If the indicator does not light that means that your pump is not having any leaks.

How to take a sample and check its concentration?

  • Select a tube according to the type of gas you want to check the concentration
  • Insert it in the tip breaker, score it and then snap it. Do the same procedure for both sides.
  • Insert the tube in the rubber pump. Remember to keep the arrow on the tube pointing towards the pump.
  • Now, you need to select the number of strokes required to determine the concentration of the gas. For this check, the manual provided in the kit.
  • If you want a full stroke then rotate the marker to a 100 and then pull the piston until you hear a click sound.
  • Now the pump is drawing the gas from the tube and making a vacuum inside it.
  • Now you have to wait for a minute or two until you see the indicator getting lighted.
  • As soon as the indicator lights up, take the tube out of the pump. Check the scale and notice a color change in the reagent inside the tube. Note down the reading till where the color has changed
  • And the value you just noted is the part per million concentration of that gas.