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How to Decide RAM Requirements When Buying a Laptop

RAM is a type of volatile computer storage. It stores data to be accessed instantaneously to perform a task such as opening a file etc. An adequate amount of RAM ensures smooth execution of the operation. The need for RAM is not the same for all types of people. It depends on the type of work for which you use the system.

In this article, we will discuss how much RAM you need.

What is the importance of RAM?

Adequate RAM is very important to ensure rapid performance speed. It ensures ample space to provide immediate storage of data.

The amount of RAM you will need for smooth performance is dependent on how you wish to use the computer. “One-size-fits-all” approach will not work when determining your RAM needs. Look at the amount of data storage that your program will require.

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For Simpler Tasks

Consider the type of work when arriving at the RAM amount. You will need a basic amount of RAM i.e., 4 GB RAM to perform simple tasks such as MS office, writing and saving documents, or browsing the web, etc.

For Memory-Intensive Tasks

You would need larger RAM, if you want to do memory-intensive advanced processing tasks such as rendering videos, programming, graphic design, file compression, running heavy programs, play 3D games, etc.

All these tasks would need a serious amount of RAM for execution. Depending on the work, you may require 8GB RAM, 12GB RAM, 16GB RAM, 32GB RAM, or even 64GB RAM to perform the tasks.


Average users might need entry-level RAM, but you will certainly need to expand your storage space to perform bigger tasks or to use advanced apps. When confused about how much RAM you need, you should look for a bigger RAM capacity. It not just ensures easy operation but also prevents the hassle of upgrading it.