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How Do You Grow Your Real Estate On Instagram?

Even before you know about the best practices, it is essential that you understand the Instagram statistics better, so that you could better understand the importance of Instagram for your business.

500 million of them use Instagram every day.”

According to Statista, “More than half of the global Instagram population worldwide is aged 34 years or younger.”

According to The New York Times, “35% of them, who’s buying a new home, belonged to the age group of 32.”

Now, do you understand why Instagram is such a big deal for your Real estate business? With Instagram you can market your real estate properties successfully to the targeted customers. To make full use of Instagram, you need to learn how to set up your Instagram page precisely, create and post effective posts, and ways to deploy the paid advertising to reach the targeted customers.

Here are the best practices to follow as suggested by an Albuquerque SEO Company –

  • Setting up the Instagram Page – After you download the Instagram application on your mobile phone or tab, activate it via your Business Facebook account or business email address.
  • Username – Select an appropriate username which reflects the name of your business for consistency purpose.
  • Bio – Instagram lets you write a biography of 150 words on your professional identity. You can also add a link to your website on the bio.
  • Profile Picture – Add a high-quality profile picture of 400×400 pixels, add the image you want people to see when they visit your page. It is good to add your branded logo, as it supports in your marketing.
  • Invite Followers – Announce the creation of a new page to everyone on your network. Invite them to follow you on the Instagram account.
  • Post Creative and Engaging Content – Instagram allows you to reach your audience through the Instagram stories, you can post videos, and photos on the page. Post only high-quality content. Always focus on posting contents that matter for everyone. You can post about homes for sale, any events in town related to real estate and all things that people would be interested in knowing from their realtor. This also helps with SEO in Albuquerque for your real estate as well.
  • Consistently Post Photos – Posting photos consistently and keeping your audience engaged is essential in Instagram. It is not necessary that you need to be a professional photographer to create images of the properties you are dealing with, just taking a stunning picture of the property with a high-quality mobile will do.
  • Use the Best Hashtags – Hashtags have the power to increase the likes on your Instagram post. Albuquerque SEO says that they bring more engagement to your content. Therefore, when you add hashtags, enhance them according to the location, newly listed properties, the brokerage, hashtags targeting the active buyers, and amenities.
  • Making use of the Paid ads – As you are aware, Instagram is owned by Facebook, and allows you to target the audience in the same way. On Instagram, the focus is to make it to the timeline of your targeted audience, with an expectation that they will follow your page.  If you already know how to create ads on Facebook, the Instagram paid ads are almost similar, where you can run the ads, or you can get the help of an Albuquerque SEO company to work it out effectively.

It takes a lot of effort to create posts and engaging with your followers, though it can turn out to be rewarding at the end. So, make sure that you maintain a consistent Instagram presence and engage with your followers regularly. This will help you to gain more leads for your real-estate business.