Essential Tools You Can Use to Clean Your Macbook

If you are a techno-savvy, and you love your gadgets, then you also want them to keep clean. Keeping your Macbook clean every time is one of the difficult tasks if you work with it the whole day. Cleaning your MacBook is essential not just to look elegant, but dust getting into sensitive parts of the hardware can cost you higher for the repairs. If you want to save your repair cost on your MacBook and keep it clean and tidy, and wondering how to clean MacBook screen, then here are few essentials cleaning tools that can help you clean your MacBook efficiently and conveniently.

Cleaning Slime

Cleaning Slime is just a fun and easy way to clean your Macbook Keyboard. Slime can pull out grime, dust, and dirt out around your keys easily and quickly. Choose the bright or light color slime so that you can see the dirt and grime coming out of the keyboard gaps. Put the slime on the keys, and then gently press it down around the keys and pick it up. You will be amazed how gently it picks up the dust and particles from the delicate parts of the keyboard.

Compressed Air

Compressed air is one of the products that can be used for cleaning when they find a keyboard unresponsive. Compressed Air can help you remove dirt and dust underneath your keyboard. But make sure to use it properly, you need to hold the MacBook in a specific angle and spray the air in a zig-zag pattern. Holding a nozzle too close to the laptop can produce the liquid into it, so make sure to use it properly.

Microfiber Cloth.

If you are finding ways how to clean MacBook screen, then Microfiber cloth is the best thing that you can use to clean your Macbook Pro. Microfiber can help you clean the smudges on the screen, and you can even clean a decent amount of grime from the keys. Apple has recommended MacBook users to clean the screen using lint-free, soft, and Microfiber cloths.

Uppercase Cover.

The keyboard is the utmost important part of your device, and you can keep it clean using the uppercase cover, which is a thin, soft, and clear cover that fits over the keyboard. It also covers the touch bar on the MacBook pro. It is removable, and the best thing about it is they protect your keyboard and touchpad from getting grime on it.