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Guide To Setup Youtube True View Video Discovery Ads

YouTube is one of the most used social platforms for advertizers. In fact, it has over 1.5 billion active users monthly, making it the second-largest search-engine after Google. Statistics show that about 50 million of these users upload more than 500000 hours of videos on the platform daily and are mainly content creators.

Billions of views are generated on YouTube as many users watch billions of hours of video each day. According to a certain report by Wyzowl on “State of Video-Marketinq-2018”, the usage of video marketing is rising at a very high rate among marketers and brands, and YouTube is seen clearly as the most successful and widely adopted channel of video advertizement for the content marketers.

About 81% of people, according to the same report by Wyzowl, are likely to purchase a service or product after watching a content video of the selling brand. It continues to indicate that 76 out of 100 businesses have so far confirmed the importance of video advertisement and how it has helped them increase their business sales.

To experience the power of marketing with videos, you need to understand various types of Ads used in You-Tube advertizing. There are three major types of YouTube Ads. These include TrueView, Bumper, and Non-skippable Ads. In this guide, we look at how to set up True View Ads as one of the ways to begin your video marketing journey.

TrueView Ad: What Is It All About?

This is the main type of Ad used in YouTube video-marketing. It is seen at the beginning of every video, and it is skippable. Many people consider starting with this type of Ad due to the following reasons.

  • Versatility — It helps you advertise your services and/or products in various methods such as with video testimonials, demos, how-to videos, and etcetera. If used effectively, it can increase instant customer-engagement by almost 500% on your channel.
  • Wider Audience — These Ads have the required amount of power to reach a large audience because the platform combines the search history of Google when serving different Ads. This is very important as it allows you to utilize the audiences of both Google and YouTube.
  • Low Risk — Cost-effectiveness is one of the advantages of using this Ad. This is because you pay only when it has prompted a certain action (like a click action) from the user and if it has played for more than thirty seconds. You will never waste your money on uninterested customers — those who skip your Ad after it has played for five seconds.

The ads can be categorized into discovery and in-stream ads. The latter plays before the viewer start to watch the video they have chosen, and they can be customized with overlay texts and various CTAs. They can be displayed on other networks also such as on games and apps.

The former displays on top of the homepage of YouTube. They can come as one of the related videos or recommended videos on the search results. Unlike the latter type of Ad, these ones have no limit on the length of the video.

How To Set Up TrueView YouTube Ads

Using True-View can help people from across the world to find out your brand and the products that you offer. You also re-target website customers which can help you strengthen and support your brand.

Before getting started with setting up your Ad, it is recommended to install the global-site-tag on your account. After the installation, ensure to configure your setup so that you can be able to track your conversion rates easily. In other words, you will be able to see the visitors who clicked your ads.

The Following Are The Steps To Set Up Your Trueview Youtube Ad

  1. Set Up Ad Campaigns

In order to manage ad campaigns effectively for your You-Tube videos, you need to first create an Ads account with Google and then connect it with your channel on YouTube.

After this is done, login into your Ads account and click on the left sidebar where it says campaigns. A menu will pop up on the bottom right of the sidebar.

Click on the positive sign (+) to create a new campaign. You will be given a list of goals to choose from for your You-Tube campaign. These include Leads, No goal, Sales, and Web Traffic. Select the one that suits your purpose and on the next page that appears, select the type of campaign.

In this case, you need to choose the Discovery type. Now click on the “Continue” button to proceed to the next step.

  1. Select The Correct Type Of Bidding And Targeting

This is a very crucial step to setting up your True View YouTube Ads. The details are found on the screen that follows after the above step. You begin by writing your campaign name, choosing the target geographic locations, and setting the language that your target audience is familiar with.

Your target reach will be estimated based on the geographic location you selected and then displayed on the right sidebar of the page. Next, you will decide on your bidding based on your goal. Since you want to have a large number of potential visitors, you need to select the Conversation bidding type.

This is actually what you need to focus on especially when you intend to have customers with high purchasing power.

  1. Setting Your Budget And Audience

Here you need to enter the average budget you wish to spend per day for your campaign.

The budget can be hard to calculate especially if you are a first time user. But gathering enough data can help you understand the correct amount you can spend each day. Beginning to make some sales for experimentation can also help you in in this complex situation.

Select the dates you want to start and end your campaigns. This is helpful when you want to run the ad at a specific time period. Next, define your target audience. These can include remarketing, demographics, affinity, and in-market audiences.

  1. Build And Optimize Your Ad

Once you have set up everything on the above steps, you need to create or build the Ad. On the current page entitled “Create your ads”, click the positive button (+) that is just below the subtitle. Select “Discovery ad” and click the blue button that says “CREATE CAMPAIGN”

You will be required to provide some details in order to successfully create your ad. These include the following.

  • Final Destination — This is the final URL that your visitors will be taken to after clicking the ad. It can refer to a YouTube video on your channel, or to your business website.
  • Logos And Images — These are necessary and can speak more to your customers than the actual words. Only GIF, PNG, and JPEG images are allowed. For the logo, the system accepts the square images with a resolution of between 128×128 and 1200×1200
  • Name Of Business — This is a must and should have less than 25 letters.
  • Title — It should be catching and attention-grabbing with less than forty characters. More of these characters will make the article to be truncated
  • Description — Your video should have a description with text not exceeding ninety characters.
  • Text (CTA) — This is chosen on a given dropdown menu.
  • Video — This is the actual You-Tube video that you want to promote. The size should be less than one gigabyte. The privacy of the video should also be set to public so that all visitors can be able to see your video when available.

Summing Up

There are various ways to advertize your brand and video marketing is among the best ones. It can seem overwhelming at first but experts say that the method can give marketers a very powerful collection of tools to reach their audience, no matter where they are located in the world.

The above is a YouTube advertising guide on how to set up True View video discovery ads. We hope the guide helps you discover YouTube as the best social platform for video marketing that you can use to promote your business and also brands.

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