Email Marketing and Video Marketing


We’ll start by talking about anything else. 

Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the number one strategy of internet marketers to have a community around them and ensure the success of their business.

But there is an element that combined with email marketing can make you take off in a blink of an eye.

Email and video

They are two extraordinary tools, the only elements that guarantee us a constant income of automatic money, every day of the last 8 years.

Taken individually they are formidable, but when used together they are more powerful than the sum of their parts. For the use of the Houston corporate video production you can have the best options.

So what makes the combination of video and email such a powerful weapon?

Videos can make your email much more appealing. This happens even before the contents are seen. To increase the open rate of the emails, just insert the word “video” in the object. We also got this confirmation from other Italian marketers.

  • Videos are an extremely persuasive call-to-action. Including a friendly and fun static image taken from the video is a perfect way to invite readers to click on it. We launched an A / B test that produced 300% more clicks using a video screenshot rather than a simple image.
  • Don’t be discouraged even if you are not a video expert. There are some little things you can do that cost nothing to make your videos look great both in appearance and sound.
  • Here we have five tips to get you started, even if you’re not equipped enough, you have little budget and you’re inexperienced.
  1. Slap your video in the foreground

Try to memorize your script, or if it’s too difficult for you, divide it into two parts and record twice. You can also edit them with other videos added in the middle.

  1. Use the camera you have (but fix it)

Users often ask us what kind of camera they need to buy. The truth is that you probably have a bad camera. Many smartphones are capable of shooting HD videos with excellent quality.

  1. Light up your face

Here is a test for you: which scenario makes your video better? A phenomenal video camera with bad lighting or a smartphone camera with phenomenal lighting? If you have paid attention, you will say the second, and it is right!

  1. Capture the perfect sound

Audio is the most important part of your video, so make sure it comes out loud and clear. First, it eliminates background noise. Find a silent place, where you can’t hear anything or anyone. Printers, cell phones, traffic, television can really tarnish your message.

  1. Now start, then analyze and repeat the shooting

Don’t agonize for your first video: it won’t be a master piece, but we can promise you that you will improve over time. Use analytical methods to help you identify what you want to improve and repeat those pieces. Your first videos will give you the opportunity to evaluate what your audience prefers, so then you can focus on the topics they consider most appealing.