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THE AMERICAN DREAM: The Ultimate Simulated Reality Game

The American Dream (TAD) is an innovative life simulator game app that encourages players to generate real income and make real purchases by simply playing the game. TAD is designed by a team of avid gamers and business innovators known as Gamers of Destiny Games.  Essentially, TAD allows a player to pursue epic missions in 14 different cities and 20 interactive missions. This life simulator game app is designed to combine gaming and real-life as the player leads their character in accomplishing various tasks in the virtual world. For an ultimate player experience, TAD allows players to purchase virtual items and interact with non-playable characters whose actions are created by live actors. 

TAD incorporates features that allow players to perform a wide range of actions, including; acquiring weapons, purchasing real-world items, running for a seat, making money, and many more. The key characters in TAD include Madame President, DPR, Lord Kingsberry, IAMHIM, and many more. The fun of this game lies in the player aligning with a particular character, thereby altering gameplay into an unknown journey. 


The American Dream is based on a charming storyline that is sure to captivate even the hardest-to-please players. Besides, TAD designers have developed a unique mini-series alongside the game app, which allows players to follow the journey of their favorite TAD characters.  The mini-series comprises videos that help players to understand all the aspects of the game app, including revealing any new elements that are added to the game. This ensures players do not miss out on new features that are added to TAD. The mini-series also helps players to learn more about new characters that are introduced in the game.


The American Dream is a game app for gamers of all ages. Both children and adults will love the game, especially the exciting missions. Other groups of people who will love this innovative game include adventure seekers, philanthropists, non-profits, small business owners, and people who want to make extra money. 

This game is unique in the sense that the player can fully become part of the missions. Unlike conventional gaming apps in which characters comprise of unfamiliar faces and computer-generated artificial intelligence, TAD allows the player to influence the gameplay and mission development.  


  • The American Dream motivates players to take up bold challenges in life such as opening a business, finding an amazing job, working out, and generally taking more risks. 
  • TAD provides a temporary escape from the stresses of everyday life using immersion in interactive missions, as well as enjoyment. It provides players with a moment of relief.
  • By establishing a connection between gaming and real life, the elements of TAD could spill over into a player’s reality in the form of encouragement to make bold moves.  
  • Encourages players to improve their lives financially. 


Overall, The American Dream (TAD) is the ultimate simulated reality game app that combines fun and real life experience to encourage players to pursue life-changing missions.