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eCommerce After COVID

We have to start by acknowledging that the world will possibly never be free of COVID-19. So when we talk about eCommerce after COVID, we’re probably not being 100% accurate. But there will be a time when the world will return to as close to normal as it was before the pandemic, and things like lockdowns, physical distancing and limited social gatherings will be a thing of the past. So we can look forward to an existence that will be very  much like it always was – and that feels pretty post-COVID to us.

Is your online business set up to capitalise on this? One of the biggest ever impacts on eCommerce has been COVID-19. With governments all over the world shutting down traditional shopping precincts and going into lockdown to restrict social movement, online shopping has been a major beneficiary. Penetration rates for eCommerce currently sit at 15% but that’s expected to increase to 25% by 2025. Maybe it’s time to contact an eCommerce agency and chat about positioning your online business to take advantage of this major trend.

The prediction of eCommerce growing in popularity even after we’re out of COVID’s grip is based on research done during lockdowns in New Zealand and around the world. Respondents said they liked these things about their online shopping experience, and given more and more people are used to eCommerce, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t continue to enjoy them:

  • Online shopping saves time e.g. travel time to a bricks and mortar store is eliminated
  • No pressure from in-store sales staff
  • It is easier and quicker to compare products and prices without the hassle of going from store to store
  • It is easier to see detailed product information when shopping online
  • There are often special “online only” prices
  • A wider choice compared to that bricks and mortar stores can carry
  • No car parking hassles

COVID-19 coincides with the rise and rise of mobile commerce. By the end of this year, it is estimated that 73% of eCommerce sales will take place on a mobile device which confirms that providing a great shopping experience for mobile customers represents a massive opportunity for online businesses.

It’s important to note that people do more than use their mobile devices to just shop online. They also use them to browse or research before deciding what to buy. This is driven by an increasing number of consumers who state they feel more comfortable shopping on their mobile devices than before. Millenials and Gen Z consumers lead the way here, and they’re the ones who are more likely to shop online using their mobile devices.

Given all this, how are you placed for doing online business in the (sort of) post-COVID world? Is your Search Engine Optimisation good enough to make you highly visible? Do you need to upgrade your site to make the online experience a smooth and fast one? Are your delivery options fast enough and affordable enough for people buying from home? Can those people find all the information they need on your site? And is your site optimized for mobile use? That’s why a call to an eCommerce agency is a timely one. The future for eCommerce is bright – but how much you gain from that future depends on getting set up right now.