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Bangla Word 

The modern generation has shifted to the digital world, which leads to heavy work on the computer in every sector of the market. Bangla Typing is a part of this growing diligence, so today I came across one of the best Bangla Word software. For those who have regular interaction with Bengali Typing, this software will be highly beneficial for you.

Like English and Hindi typing…today every language holds great value in typing field. Bengali typing has given the huge privilege in western areas. Also if you are linked with any Bengali community…using Bangla Word will be a worthwhile step for you.

Those who are familiar with a beta version of the software, they must try this as it is built on that only. The developer had built this application using TX control.


For effective and time-saving typing, you don’t need to look for any expensive or premium software. Using Bangla Word Software provides you useful features in the most basic form. From downloading and installing to using this application, all steps are simple with this software. But the most effective part of this software is its features!

First let’s talk about the size of the application, if you thinking it is a high space taking application then it’s not! You only need 7Mb from your device’s space to download this software. Once it gets downloaded…you don’t need any further plugins or tools. Also, the developer has built it for both 32 and 64 architecture. Currently, over two million users tried Bangla Word and found it really useful.

Those who are looking for software that can help in their Bengali Tying works…Bangla Word Software is just for them, you don’t need to worry about any issue or bug, this application is designed for the best Bangla Texts. However, most professional users knew this as BanglaWord.exe. Another beneficial reason to download and use this application is…it provides over 32 different fonts. That means you can add creativity to your work.

Moreover, the latest version for this is V1.9.0 where you are going to see tons of useful features. If you think using Bangla Word will limit your work to Bengali then you may be wrong! Today, Bengali Typing is not limited to any particular field. The scope and opportunity for this type of typing are very wide, once you become a skillful typist on this software… several opportunities will come in your way easily!  

You might be thinking it is tough to operate this software. Well, not at all! Bangla Word has a QWERTY Keyboard pattern that makes Bengali typing from the English keyboard modestly. Also, researches showed using an English keyboard is beneficial for any kind of typing. It not only makes your work easier but you can also type faster.


Bangla Word is a highly useful application for Bengali Typing. You can use it either on your android or iPhone device as well! It avoids all English to Bengali typing errors and provides fluent and speedy performance. Just type the English alphabet and it will get converted into a specific Bengali character. Once you download this application…you will get a modest method for Bengali Typing.  

So, Bangla Word Download now!!!