Concept of Drawing Tablets

The other name for drawing tablet is graphic tablet or drawing tablet. This is an input device that assists in converting information from hand-held stylus. Stylus similar to a paintbrush, pen, or pen is used by users; its tip is pressed on the surface of the tablet. The drawing tablet can be used instead of a computer mouse.

Koalapad, which Koala Technology, was the first drawing tablet. The Apple II computer originally designed the Koalapad. Nevertheless, after sometime, this drawing tablet was made available for IBM computers.

Like an artist who uses a piece of paper and pen to draw, a stylus is used to draw on this tablet. The drawing strokes are then converted by computer into digital form and displayed on the screen. Also, the drawing tablet is always used to capture signatures of users.

Drawing Tablets are used by the following people or professions: teachers, artists, fashion designers, photographers, graphic designers, teachers, illustrators, and many more.

How Does Drawing Tablet Works ?

Through a USB port, the drawing tablet is plugged into a laptop or computer and to the tablet, a stylus is attached. When an artist or a graphic designer is drawing lines using stylus, the lines will not be seen in the drawing tablet. The action of the artist will generate signals that go to the wires’ vertical grid, which runs across his tablet.

A pen which has a cord or battery-powered is also used. When the artist is using a stylus to draw lines, the coil circuit is responsible for transferring signals, inside the stylus, to the main circuit. Hence, the number of lines and length is calculated. The lines’ pressure is measured by the pressure sensitive capacitor. The stylus generates the data signals. Then, the sensor board detects the data signals.

The drawing tablet’s vertical and horizontal wires are receiving and transmitting coils. Electromagnetic signals are generated by the drawing tablets. The stylus is compared to an antenna; it is responsible for receiving signals and generating electromagnetic fields, which communicate with the drawing tablet.

When electromagnetic fields are used, it becomes possible for the drawing tablets to transfer, to computer screens, the lines.

Advantages of Drawing Tablets

Using drawing tablets encourages natural drawing motions. The tablets makes it possible for the artists to create significantly smoother curves, in addition to making small and complex shapes. They also allow the artists when it comes to recreating their personal styles.

Based on the drawing tablets and software being used, the pens for the tablets are known for having pressure detection systems. Like with the normal pencils, when more pressure is applied, a darker line will be created; less pressure, on the other hand, is known for making a lighter one. Existing printed images can also be traced using sufficiently sensitive pens; these pens can be used to detect, through the paper, the pressure. This is significant when it comes to copying older works into digital medium for retouching and storage.

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