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Best Ways to Find the Geolocation of an IP Address 

 If the thought of how your website gets visitors from different locations has crossed your mind, you may have taken time to familiarise yourself with the IP geolocation database. The databases come with various features, which makes it difficult for most people to comprehend the value they have for a website. Here, you will learn all you need to know about IP geolocation databases, the different features they come with, and how one can utilize the features to improve the utility and quality of their website to experience. 

Understanding the IP Geolocation Databases

An IP geolocation database allows one to determine the location of the people that visit their website. It is a database containing IP addresses complete with the longitude and latitude of specific IP addresses. When you run a search for IP addresses, you gain access to two coordinates representing the origins of the IP addresses. Although you do not get the website visitor’s accurate location, you get the precise electronic access location they use to access a website. Most of the databases are created by third-party companies meaning that the accuracy depends on how well the company manages it. While some companies get the required data via data mining techniques, other companies poll users to get more accurate information.

What is the accuracy of a Geolocation Database?

Depending on the company you choose to work with, the information you get is close to 90% accurate at the country level. In the city, however, there is a significant drop in the accuracy levels. This is evident when you utilize any of the available services to verify the IP address you see through a browser. For people that do not live in metropolitan areas, the IP address is going to point towards the closest urban, although their country and state are going to be mostly accurate. This is the same case with geolocation database service providers. Although data will be precise in broad areas, the accuracy is going to drop as you narrowed down to smaller levels. Depending on how you intend to use the data, the inaccuracy should not be a problem, but it should be considered if you need the information to be accurate at the City level.

Free vs. Paid IP address geolocation database

When looking for an IP address database, you can choose from both the free and paid options. Although you gain free access to an IP database with the free services, you may miss out on other equally important features. They can be compared to the paid IP address geolocation, although they come with less accuracy. There are more suitable for people still handling the development phase of those looking to build MVP of the service. Paid IP address databases, on the other hand, offer the most accurate. They also come with stable API and dedicated support. They are best suited for those that need the latest information and are available at different prices.

IP address geolocation databases have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and they are used for different purposes. They specifically found widespread use when it comes to customizing content for specific regions depending on the website visitors’ location to date. It can be used for things such as changing the currency on your website. IP address geolocation database is can also be used to create landing pages customized for specific regions, come up with targeted ads, create localized ads, breakdown information in traffic logs, hiding content due to legal restrictions, meeting the regulatory compliance requirements, among others. 

 If you find yourself thinking about how uses from different regions visit your site, you may need to use an IP address geolocation database. This goes a long way in providing you with all the necessary information required to enhance your visitors’ experience when checking out your website, preventing fraud, and addressing the needs of the individual customers. If you need one, DB-IP may be a great option.