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Common Laptop Hardware Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Computers and laptops have become a necessity as they entertain you, complete your daily tasks, help you stay connected with the people and most importantly, it brings you money. Over the past few years, laptops have noticed advancement as it has gone from bulky and heavy to slim and lightweight.

These devices have become an essential part of our lives so having a day without them can be a harassing experience. There is no denying that laptops are more prone to issues than a desktop. Moreover, these issues cannot be serviced at home so, if you lack expertise, the problem might leave you confused or frustrated.

Thus, it is better to consult with a laptop or mobile computer repair service as mostly, hardware related issues can only be solved by the professionals.

Looks like Dead:

Despite all the efforts, when your laptop is not turning ON, it can be a matter of concern as several scenarios may lead to the issue. The most horrifying includes battery draining. It arises due to the malfunctioning of the AC adapter.

Secondly, chances are, your DC jack needs replacement because it is making no contact with the motherboard. Lastly, the worst scenario can be the one with the failed motherboard. If that is the case, you might need to buy the new system as there is a little possibility of repairing it.

The laptop is Active, but not the screen:

The device seems to work properly, except for the screen, which does not show any image or is completely blank and black. The issue can be the result of memory failure. In this case, one of the memory modules may have failed, due to which, the laptop declines to turn ON. Thus, consult with a professional company that provides laptop repair services to resolve such issues.

Turning ON and OFF Unnecessarily:

Sometimes, the systems behave differently, while you switch it on you don’t see anything on the screen, and it gets switch off on its own. The issue points out the problem with the motherboard. Chances are, it can be due to memory-related thing. Thus, buying a new laptop or changing the motherboard can be helpful.

Making Strange Noises:

If your laptop is making weird noises constantly, it is a serious issue where you need to pay attention. The irritating rattling sound that keeps coming from it has been produced by the cooling fan or the hard drive. In such scenarios, any part of your laptop needs to be replaced. Thus, search for that component that is responsible for the annoying awful sound and get rid of it.

Blue Screen of Death:

You open your laptop but, it shuts down, freezes or displays the dreaded blue screen of death. It is a problematic situation where you can notice that the laptop is not getting hot at the bottom. The issue is related to heat in which, the cooling fan is clogged due to dust and the laptop cannot breathe or operate the functions correctly. The processor overheats, which results in shutting down of the system so, simply cleaning the fan can fix the issue.

Trying to fix these issues at home can be a challenging task so it is better to take your computer or laptop for a checkup as it will help you determine the right problem and get it fixed before it’s too late.