Common Canon printer issues and solutions

Printer shows error in the printing 

Using can help you solve the typical issue of the canon printers. If you are a client of a canon printer and are facing this issue, the first question should be if the printer is connected or not. In order to check this, turn the switch on once more. The Problem can occur if the load is high in your printer due to the high amount of photographs or illustrations. Now, wait for the ON light and when it quits blinking and turns out to be consistent, you can start printing. The printer can also face a similar problem if there are bunches of undeleted print commands. So, at that moment you need to stop those print commands from the process and start printing again.

Printer becomes slow 

The slowing down of printers is one of the common issues that everyone faces no matter the company. One of the approaches is to decrease the quantity of printing or by decreasing the quality of print which can be done by changing settings. When you do so, you not only increase the speed of your slow printer but also save your ink and toner. It should be possible by barring the designs from your report on the off chance that you are printing from a site. Try setting up using the once again.

Printing is Unclear

When the printing stops all of a sudden due to the dried ink, at that point, it can’t give you a reasonable printed output. This problem is found majorly in those inkjet printers which are not normally utilized. You can also see the flat line and spots in the printout, alongside the blurred printing. In order to solve this issue, by utilizing the utility program, you need to clear the dried ink. Then first, print a test page. It sometimes happens when the ink level is low. So, if this is the reason change the ink cartridges.

No paper alert 

If the printer is showing that there is no paper in the printer even when there is paper in the printer. This can be an issue if there is an article on the backplate. To solve it, unplug your printer and expel it. It can also happen when the paper isn’t arranged appropriately in the printer. So, when you are arranging the paper, be cautious and check the arrangement appropriately.