Check 5 Essential DevOps Tools That Are Worth Trying

Developers are expected to keep up DevOps tools, and there is a solution to every problem that teams face while developing new products. The software development industry is constantly expanding, and if you are a developer reading this, we have a quick list of essential DevOps tools that are worth trying.

1. Jenkins

Jenkins is among the most-used DevOps tools used by developers for automation for different things within the delivery pipeline, allowing them to code easily. Jenkins is a popular tool for the right reasons and even allows you to measure your steps and customize CI/CD pipeline as required.

2. Git

There are developers who will agree that there is no other tool as effective and simple as Git. It allows one to not merely track their work, but also avoid conflicting coding issues and errors. If you want to use Git for your software project, you can consider one of the hosting services, of which GitHub stands out. You can find detailed reviews on why Git stands out.

3. Chef

Chef is a nice tool to consider for infrastructure automation. Chef has found many takers because of its reports and analytics, but it is also important to mention about its amazing management console, which can aid reducing effort and saving time. Source control doesn’t get any simpler than this.

4. Selenium

Another DevOps tool that deserves a mention is Selenium, which is used for quick and automated testing. For teams that are working on the User Interface, finding flaws and fixing these issues without a tool can be time-consuming to say the least, and Selenium gets away with all that. Test various aspects of your web application and work on your code better than ever.

5. Nagios

When it comes to server performance and testing, Nagios is the tool you need. It also allows you work on your processes better and plan upgrades to the infrastructure with precise control. If problems are detected, the tool will help you fix the same, besides keeping a record of all events and failures.

As a developer, you need the right DevOps tools in your stash to ensure that the work moves as smooth as possible, without doing a lot of testing and coding work manually. Just ensure that you are using the right tools for the right project and check what other developers have to say about a DevOps tool before starting off.