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A Laptop Worth Buying

The laptop is easy to take. It is popular with many students and office workers. What kind of laptops worth owning? MagicBook Pro is one of the HONOR Laptops. The whole series uses the appearance design of light and thin business. It has improved the interaction in multi-screen collaboration. Many small details are humanized, such as hidden camera, fingerprint power key and other functions. So users can have a good sense of experience. The operation can be more convenient.

With Ruilong 5 4600H processor, it integrates Radeon Graphics graphics card and 16GB DDR4 dual-channel memory. The whole system uses PCIe NVMe SSD. In video editing, 1080P video shot by camera can be edited normally. The dragging and previewing are smooth. The operation is convenient.

The smooth experience of micro-edge and large field of vision refers to this laptop It has a 16.1-inch large screen. Its screen proportion is up to 90%. This 1080P high color gamut screen has a 100% sRGB high color gamut and eye protection function. It is perfect for mobile office or outdoor use.

Larger screens will have a good experience whether they are used in games or audio-visual scenes. Visually, it will get a broader and more shocking effect. At the same time, the large screen has certain advantages in the office scene. It can display more content and operate more space. It can improve the office efficiency. This is by checking data while writing office documents and displaying multiple windows when editing videos.

For those who like to chase plays and play online games, this laptop has a good look and feel on the large screen. The sound effect is not bad at the same time. The double speaker setting on both sides of the keyboard avoids the situation of blocking the sound. Whether playing games or chasing plays, the sound effect is good.

Nowadays, mobile phones and computers are not single products. Only by opening up and linking up with each other can work efficiency be improved. HONOR has been committed to building its own intelligent life system. It develops multi-screen collaboration and creates a full-scene intelligent experience. This laptop subverts the traditional transmission mode of sharing documents, pictures and videos. It can easily complete the transmission between mobile phones and laptops. It can realize the interconnection between multiple terminals.

With the innovative interaction mode of multi-screen collaboration, pictures, videos and Microsoft Office documents can be transmitted at the touch. The recording screen function can be realized at the touch. The PC screen recording screen can be returned to the mobile phone, as well as the clipboard sharing function, PC receiving and making mobile phone calls, etc. You can watch WeChat circle of friends through the computer, brush trembles, etc. It can realize the interaction between the mobile phone and the computer. By using the large screen, the experience is better.

Do you know how to choose a laptop worth buying?