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CCleaner Review: The Best Laptop Cleaning Software

review of ccleaner - best laptop cleaning software

Have you ever wondered about rediscovering the speed of your ageing laptop? ‘Time will heal’ is a well-known pithy saying that applies to everything except the computing world. Over time, your laptop’s small hardware begins to accumulate more and more files and programs as a result of daily uses which, eventually, slows down the speed of your system. Admittedly, with time, as usage increases and more files and software programs are downloaded and installed, the extra burden on the laptop causes it to operate slowly, and annoyingly, as it takes ages to open up programs. In these situations, it can be common practice for many of us to our replace laptops. But isn’t always necessary to replace our laptops. In many instances, good cleaning software is all we need.

Get your laptop in shape

So this is where CCleaner steps in. The award winning application that tops the list of software cleaners on the market that removes unnecessary files, redundant cache data, fixes the bugs, and optimizes the speed of your system. You’ll probably have a few questions regarding the application’s installation process, pros, and cons, etc. I’ll aim to answer those here. For the purposes of this CCleaner review, I purchased the pro version with a CCleaner Coupon I found online. The pro version offers useful additional features such as real-time monitoring and scheduled cleaning. I’ll now give you a brief breakdown on how I used the software to get my laptop in shape. So let’s start with the installation process.

How do we install it?

The new version of CCleaner is compatible with both 32 bit and 64-bit versions of all windows, be it window 7, 8, or 10, and have three installation methods available:

  1. Portable is the most recommended as it doesn’t involve full Installation.
  2. Standard Installation is a full installation that enables one to install the CCleaner browser as well.
  3. Slim Installation is like typical Installation without the additional software option.

How do we run it?

There are plenty of cleaning tools out there that perform a bunch of tasks such as removing the cache data and cleaning of the temporary files to make the system works faster, but CCleaner is the most reliable and secure tool to use. However, one can’t directly jump into it and press run. There are a few factors that you must keep in mind before going ahead and running the application on your system. Analyze before you run is the foremost step to get rid of the extra files. How you will know about what’s going to be deleted and how much space the deletion will create. Hitting the “Analyze” button beforehand enables one to choose what to keep and what to eradicate. Retain cookies that will be deleted otherwise if the cookies button is not pressed before running the process.

The pros and cons

So let us take a quick look at the pros and cons of the software.


  • Easy and quick Installation with multiple installation choices
  • Compatible with all windows and their versions
  • Keep the desired cookies
  • Extraordinary feature set
  • Andriod app available


  • It contains some unnecessary tools

Last thoughts on this CCleaner review

CCleaner, if used intelligently, can bring about a revolution to your computing world. It’s fast and attentive features will fix most, if not all, of the common problems and inject longevity into the life of your system. In a nutshell, it is the ultimate system-cleaning tool that can speed up sluggish systems with a click of a button. It’s definitely the best laptop cleaning software, I’ve ever used and what’s more, they still offer a freeware version thanks to its developer Piriform.