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Are Standby Generators Worthwhile Investments?

In some situations, power outages can be predicted. They commonly occur during significant weather events, such as a hurricane or tornado. In other cases, they may occur suddenly, like when equipment fails or if a transformer blows. In any situation, a power outage can be disruptive and cost a home or business owner money.

For homeowners who are dealing with a power outage, having options to restore power is a must. After all, long-term periods without power result in everything in the freezer and refrigerator going band, and for business owners, long-term power outages may result in lost inventory and customers.

This is why having standby generators is essential, especially in areas that deal with extreme weather conditions regularly. When a backup generator is installed, a home or business owner will be able to power a portion of their property, which will help them work or live comfortably while minimizing total financial losses if the power remains out for a few days.

While standby generators are beneficial, they are not all created equal. The type of generator purchased will impact how well it works when it is needed. While it can choose a more affordable portable generator, standby units are often a better bet.

Understanding the Standby Generator and What It Offers

The standby generator is a unique generator that runs on liquid propane or natural liquid. It will be connected to the existing gas line in place. These generators are created to turn on automatically if the power goes out, so that home or business owners do not have to worry about interrupting power. In some situations, a standby generator will kick on and restore power to connected items in just 30 seconds after the power turns off.

Modern standby generators will be hooked to transfer switches that let the unit know when it should be turned off or on. This means a professional should be hired for the installation. With this unit, nothing has to be done when the power goes out – all a person has to do is wait for the generator to come on.

If someone chose a portable generator, instead, they would have to install it using extension cords or pour gas in it to ensure it works. Portable generators only power a few appliances, too. With the standby generator, it is possible to power an entire business or home.

Cost of a Standby Generator

The investment of a generator is not that affordable. This is especially the case if a home or business owner wants a standby unit. For a home, a person may pay between $7K and $12K for this unit. The price depends on the size and capacity of the unit.

Purchasing a generator makes sense for an array of reasons. Be sure to keep all the information here in mind to minimize issues and provide the desired results. Being informed is the best way to know if a generator is needed and will help ensure the right unit is found and purchased.