Advantages of POS System Implementation

Retail POS systems with a variety of features not only systemize operations around the cashier but also by reviewing store displays by understanding the top-selling products and making the appropriate inventory. Improve the productivity of your entire store.

Advantages of deploying a POS system

To realize a thriving store for new customers, the POS system is an ally!

Even if you say it’s a POS system, few people are worried about what functions they have and what functions they need.

Retail POS systems with a variety of features not only systemize business around the cashier but also review store displays by understanding top-selling products and Improve the productivity of the entire store through the right inventory and provide quality service to our customers.

The mission of the POS system for retail business is to solve the challenges of retailers such as “want to streamline store management” and “increase services with limited employee costs” by utilizing it.

Let’s explain specifically what features of the POS system are being used by thriving stores.

The big attraction of deploying POS systems

Analytical features such as sales management

POS systems for retail are the ability to grasp the performance of sales by “sales”, “customer price” and “product” at a glance.

By utilizing the POS data, various management judgments can be useful such as display of store, improvement of assortment, purchase inventory, reasonable price, and early markdown.

By accurately visualizing productivity, we can accurately analyze investment, effectiveness, and store management issues to improve sales, profit, and loss.

Accepts credit card and electronic money payments to reduce opportunity loss

Cooperation of card payment terminals in POS systems

By connecting with a POS system and a card payment terminal, you can smoothly implement credit cards and e-money payments.

By interlocking with the POS, you do not need to hit the amount twice, and you can avoid typing errors.

Adoption of credit/e-money payments to retailers can be expected to reduce opportunity loss, increase per-customer prices, and increase repeat rates.

Effective for Efficient Accounting Operations and Reducing Differences

Cooperation of Automatic Change Machine for POS System

Customers waiting for the cashier line up at the time of congestion, and by taking time to respond to money awards, customers are frustrated and often cause loss of opportunity.

In such cases, if you have an automatic changer in conjunction with the POS system, you can streamline your accounting operations even when you are busy.

Also, the introduction of automatic changer reduces the difference and eliminates the over-shortage of cash at the cashier, which reduces the mental burden of the cashier accounting for employees and part-time jobs.

The sales information of POS systems delivered to digital signage as ranking

Digital Signage Integration

By linking the sales information of the POS system with digital signage, you can distribute which products are currently selling in the store as a ranking to customers in the store.

You can appeal to the products that are selling effectively. You can expect to increase the migration rate in the store and increase the customer’s motivation to purchase.

Example of POS system application by type

Introducing Retail POS System for Your Store Operation

In other words, the retail POS system like orderup operates in a variety of ways, if you want to use. We introduce systems suitable for customers’ ideal and operational forms, such as “lifestyle and fashion goods type”, “duty-free dealer type”, “sweets (manufacturing and sales) type”, “agricultural products direct sales type”, and “admission ticket issuance type”.

Lifestyle & Fashion Goods Store

Understand the bestselling products from a variety of sales analyses to achieve optimal assortment.

In addition to sales and gross margin, you can analyze various sales such as “by ABC rank”, “by category”, “by time zone”, “by attribute”, “by customer class”, etc.

In general stores with a large number of items, you can accurately grasp the best-selling and dying products, and realize the optimal assortment.

Besides, it is possible to manage points and issue DM according to customer attributes, so it contributes to the promotion of sales of shops.

Duty-Free Dealer

In addition to automatically calculating the amount subject to tax exemption at sales, the POS can also determine whether a tax exemption object is eligible.

Load the passport with the scanner, combine with the POS tax exemption sales information to print the “Buyer’s Pledge”, “Export Duty-Free Purchase Record” and “Purchase Item Details List (for Packing)”.