A Brief Understanding Of How Computer Softwares Are Built

There is a lot of information that you can find online when it comes to computer softwares. But it seems like most of them are for those with advanced knowledge about computers. If you cannot consider yourself at that level, then you need information that you can easily understand. And when it comes to easily understand computer softwares and how they are built, then you have come to the right place. 

What is a Computer Software?

Generally speaking, computer softwares is simply what its name suggests it to be. It is software that is part of a computer system. It is composed of encoded information, or what they call ‘computer instructions.’ It also has programs, libraries, and other non-executable data like digital media. It uses two types of languages – high-level and low-level language.

High-Level vs. Low-Level Language

The majority part of the software is written in high-level programming languages. This makes it easier for programmers because is what they consider as their natural language. These languages are translated using a compiler or/and an interpreter. But sometimes, softwares can also be written using low-level assembly language, which is the mnemonic representation using the natural language alphabet. This is then translated into the machine language using the assembler. 

Types of Software Categories

There are different types of software categories that all programmers should be familiar with. They are categorized based on their functions, types, or field of use. The three classifications are as follows:

  • Application Software. This is the general category of any computer program that performs different kinds of tasks. The software can be generally used for web browsers or word processing, or it may also have a specific purpose, like accounting.
  • System Software. This is the term used for computer programs used to start or run computer systems like application software or networks. System softwares include operating systems, device drivers, and utilities.
  • Computer Programming Tools. This is another category for compilers and linkers or interpreters and text editors. They are usually combined in order to perform a specific task. They are generally used to translate or combine various computer program source codes and libraries into executable programs. The tools are used to create, debug, maintain, or support software. 
  • Malicious Software (Malware). This is software specifically developed to harm or disrupt any computer. Nobody likes malware. They are mostly associated with computer-related crimes. Usually, this malware was designed as practical jokes. 

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