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5 Common Types of Websites and Their Functions

The internet is bombarded with many types of websites, and new ones are still coming up. The World Wide Web accommodates all these sites, with each serving different functions. The number can be overwhelming, but we have compiled a list of five of the most common ones and their functions.

Corporate Websites

If you’re running a business, you need a site dedicated to all your operations. Your business website must have the same brand and logo as that of your company.  It should convey the type of services and products that the company sells.

Any business without a website looks unprofessional and non-reputable. There are several business tools you can use for web design Canadasite. You can choose to use WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix.


There are those websites completely dedicated to blogs. Weblogs started for individuals, but with time, businesses adopted them to engage with their customers. They offer casual and personal content intending to educate the readers.

Webdesign Canada solution for blogs focuses on reading material as well as images and videos. Others use them to sell products such as e-books or to offer ad space. While they’re mostly dedicated to posting articles, they also have features and components of regular websites.

E-Commerce Websites

These are websites dedicated to those running online stores. The sites provide a platform where people can order goods and make their payments online. So, if you’re thinking of an easy way to sell to your customers online, you can consider opening an online e-commerce store. They’re secure and reliable.

E-commerce websites are also similar to other sites. The only difference is that other regular websites have direct purchase functionality, but users will not make payments through the site.But you can talk to your web design Canada expert to design your e-commerce as a standalone website or combine it with a blog or a corporate site.

News or Magazine Sites

These sites ensure their users are up to date with all their current affairs. Online magazines ensure users get online entertainment through useful articles, photos, and videos. These websites are preferred by journalists looking to build their own platforms. Media sites that need to engage with their audience online can also consider such sites.

If you don’t want to have a separate news website, you can incorporate this as part of your corporate website. Just ensure the section is always updated with relevant news and articles that keep your readers engaged.

Portfolio Websites

These are sites that users use to showcase their past work. The service providers use these sites to show their customers what they can do and the quality of their work. The sites contain samples of all the work the user has done before and a list of clients in need.

These websites are particularly designed to showcase a particular task. Thanks to this, they’re easier to build than business or e-commerce sites. They’re common among freelancers and creative professionals who’re always hired to demonstrate their skills.