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Why you should invest in CCTV with Digital Video Recorder


The need for home security is growing due to the rising crime rates. People are opting for security products like CCTV, smart door locks, among others to safeguard their home to avoid being a victim of theft & burglary. If you’re also worried about the safety of your home and business, then it is best to invest in a technology called ‘Digital Video Recorder’ (DVR). Read further to know how it would help to keepyour surrounding protected.  

Whether you want to secure your home from intruders or want to spy on those while you’re away from home, a digital video recorder would be an ideal choice. Security cameras have evolved over the years, and they have added with an extra level of protection, which is in the form of video recording. DVR consists of a closed-circuit camera that is interconnected with DVR. 

Benefits of using DVR:

Below are the top 3 compelling reasons to buy a digital video recorder. 

Prevention against crime: 

Stay shielded from any suspicious and malicious attacks. Do you that 60% of burglary takes place through forcible entry? If you equip your home with DVR, the chances of any thefts, robbery or burglary can be prevented. In case your home is already equipped with a CCTV camera, you can enhance the security with a video recorder. 

Gives peace of mind:

If your job requires you to stay away from your home for days or months or you have to leave your elderly parents and kids while going for work, security like DVR would be beneficial. It gives you a sense of reassurance and safety, especially where the crime in your area is rampant. The DVR allows you to store the footage of the video recording in your local network, or your computer’s hard drive. 


DVRs are cost-effective. If you’re looking to protect your business premises or co-operative society, select a video recorder that keeps a vigil 24×7. Post-installation, you only need to take care of the maintenance and repair expenses, whenever required. Even if you want to integrate network cameras to expand the surveillance system, it isn’t a costly affair. 

Monitor remotely:

Whether you have installed DVR at home or office, you can monitor activity from your smartphone or computer anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

Factors to take into consideration for installing DVR

  • The type of premises – whether you want to secure your home, office or retail store
  • Check for the suitable technology infrastructure
  • Think about the budget – whether you need a high-end DVR or just a small budget version
  • For installation of DVR, you will also need fibre optic cabling
  • DVRs are designed for indoor use 
  • Install DVRs in a well-ventilated and dust-free environment

If you’re planning to safeguard your home or office or retail store, then opt for a digital video recorder from Eurovigil, one of the leading companies in offering security and home automation systems for home and commercial purposes. It will not very expensive and the best way to keep your premises secured.