Why Should You Consider Buying The Iphone 14 Plus?

There is a never-ending controversy about whether buying an iPhone is worth it or not. Several people aren’t aware of the advanced technology and other exclusive features and tend to think that buying an iPhone isn’t worth the money but if you dive deep and analyze the features offered by apple in the phone, you will understand that iPhones aren’t overhyped.

Every year several Apple users wait to upgrade their phones and buy the latest iPhones. However, the iPhone 14 Plus broke all records and users loved the product. If you are planning to buy a new phone, buy iPhone 14 plus (ซื้อ iphone 14 plus, term in Thai) and experience high-quality performance.

Here is why you should consider buying the iPhone 14 plus.

·        Battery life

People often struggle with the low battery life of their smartphones and carrying power banks everywhere becomes difficult. Smartphones might perform well for the initial years but the battery life tends to deteriorate with time.

Apple has claimed that iPhone 14 Plus has a 26-hour-long video playback which is even longer than iPhone 14. Apart from this, iPhone 14 Plus also provides five hours more music playback than the iPhone pro max.

·        Bigger Displays

This is best suited for people who love binge-watching or are gaming freaks. This phone comes with a 6.7-inch display and allows users to enjoy movies and series on big screens.

·        Camera

iPhones are often known for their great cameras. This iPhone 14 plus has multiple camera updates that provide users to take better pictures in dim lights. The camera of the phone has a bigger and brighter main sensor and a photonic engine. It has a 12 MP ultra-wide that captures 4 times more of the picture.

·        Performance

The high-performing iPhone 14 plus tends to beat all the fast-performing android devices. It possesses the iPhone 13 pro-A15 Bionic chips and better graphics. The fast performance and great graphics make it fit for gaming experts and other professionals.

·        Smart pricing

This is another reason to get your hands on the phone. The price range of the product is similar to that of the iPhone 14. But it has an upper hand over the iPhone pro and the basic iPhone 14.


Buying iPhone 14 plus is ideal for people who wish to own bigger handsets and want to get an updated, well-optimized, and high-performing smartphone. Apple is a luxurious electronic brand to own. One of the other reasons to switch to iPhones is high security and safety. With each passing day, Apple is upgrading itself and making its product more human-oriented.

If you wish to buy a new smartphone and want to switch to Apple, buy iPhone 14 Plus and get all you are looking for in one phone. The camera, processor, display, and size of the iPhone 14 Plus is what makes it stand out. The advanced dual camera feature will help you get the best pictures and the A15 coin chip technology makes it efficient to work.

Hope you find the right reason to purchase the iPhone 14 Plus and enjoy becoming part of the apple family. Happy purchasing!