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Why Should Motion Graphics Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

With the average attention span having decreased dramatically to as little as 8 seconds, online marketing strategies have to be snappy and grabby if they’re to reel an audience in. Content must be eye-catching otherwise it will simply get overlooked, and a highly effective way of achieving exactly that, is with the inclusion of motion design.

What is motion design?

It really is as simple as it sounds: graphic designers take an element of a design that would otherwise be static (i.e. not moving), and make it move. In the broader sense, it can be thought of as animation, however, it isn’t necessary for motion design to tell a story per se, instead, it just helps create graphics that move in a visually pleasing way, and which help to sell a brand, or convey a message, data or concept. Imagine a brand’s logo that changes shape, or an explainer video with a moving infographic.

Why should motion graphics be part of your marketing strategy?

Every marketing strategy, no matter what it’s trying to sell or promote, can benefit from vibrant, attention-grabbing motion graphics, that when done well, can engage an audience and draw them in.

Here are 4 reasons to feature motion graphics in your next marketing strategy:

  1. They make dull content easier to digest and remember

Even if your industry is somewhat dry, with the use of motion graphics, you can inject some fun and vibrancy into your content to make it seem less dull and uninspiring. You can explain concepts that are complicated, with ease, and use bright colours and movement to draw the eye, and hold it there.

  1. They are easy to share

Best used in videos that are brief and to the point, motion graphics are able to get a point across swiftly and succinctly, and when they look attractive, they’re more likely to get shared.

  1. They both create and increase brand awareness

Reading through lots of text isn’t something that many potential customers want to do, let alone have the time for, and that’s what makes motion graphics so effective. A short but colourful video can say more about your brand than an article ever could, and in a much shorter space of time, too.

  1. They are an affordable way to create videos

Motion graphics give you all of the many benefits of a video, but are so much more affordable for anyone on a budget or looking to save money while marketing. Live videos mean hiring actors, locations, and a crew, while a good video needs nothing more than a skilled graphic designer, and they can be made in a fraction of the time.

How can you incorporate motion graphics into your marketing strategy?

There are a number of ways to include motion graphics in your marketing campaigns, and below are just some of them:

  • Animated logos

With a logo that moves, your brand just became more fun, and a lot more memorable.

  • Explainer videos

Motion graphics give you the opportunity to explain what might be complicated ideas and concepts in a video, in a much simpler way that’s easier for laypeople to understand.

  • Animated adverts

By adding movement to an advert, you can say a whole lot more about your product or service than an image and a text ever could.

  • Social media posts

Movement that catches the eye is beneficial in any social media post, and with the use of motion graphics, you’re far more likely to gain engagement form your audience.

  • Landing pages

Motion graphics in a user page can draw the users eye to what really counts, and guide them through the page smoothly and simply, while adding a little extra interest to their experience.

If you want to get ahead of your competitors and give your audience something that will stick in their mind, try taking advantage of motion graphics; just be sure to work with an experienced graphic designer for the best results.