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Why Do You Need To Use Inspection Tools?


Inspection tools assist inspectors in accumulating the data they require to ensure an asset’s ideal maintenance they have been inspecting. Every inspection tool helps inspectors accumulate data, and this data can be connected to measuring thickness, thermal or visual. A particular kind of data that is required for the inspection process gets determined by the needs of the inspection, and this, in turn, finds out the kinds of inspection tools that the job needs. Inspectors, after accumulating the data, study it to understand the maintenance status and condition of the thing they have been inspecting.

What makes inspection tools different from inspection equipment?

Tools for inspection are regarded as actual tools as well as instruments that inspectors utilize for collecting data. These tools might be thickness-measuring sensors that assist inspectors in evaluating a wall’s thickness within a coke drum. Again, it can be a drone too with a camera, and it assists inspectors in entering a boiler to collect visual data. On the other hand, inspection equipment is a thing that assists inspectors in getting access to data. This equipment supports the work of the inspectors when they accumulate data. It might be a toolbelt, too, that inspectors wear. 

A scaffolding inspector stands to accumulate visual data manually with his naked eye. Again, it can be the ropes too that inspectors utilize for repealing or climbing to accumulate the data according to their requirements. No matter it is an HVAC unit of a home or a massive industrial boiler, the fundamental idea for the method in which inspectors utilize inspection tools remains the same.

  • Every inspector accumulates data utilizing the inspection tools.
  • All inspectors access the collected data using some methods that remain explicit to the industry where they have been doing their job.
  • An inspector or maintenance personnel makes maintenance determinations according to that analysis. 
  • Though the general idea seems to be pretty simple, different inspectors use different inspection tools for their job.

Types of inspection tools

Measuring tape to measure the dimensions of a product

A product inspector uses a measuring tape to verify an outer shipper carton’s dimension. If a measuring tape is reliable, it will be a durable strip of some flexible plastic, metal, or fiberglass that can be carried in toolkits easily. Again, it ought to possess linear measurement markings, too, in both the English and the metric system. A measuring tape is utilized for taking measurements of bigger dimensions, and here, lesser precision is required.

Dial calipers to measure finer dimensions

When inspectors are required to measure dimensions with higher precision, they use calipers. Commonly, calipers are utilized for measuring little product elements, such as a lid’s thickness, a plug or a connector’s diameter, or a cup’s depth.

The final thoughts

A professional inspection company possesses lots of gear, and based on an item’s complexity as well as the needs of buyers, it carries some more. Inspectors depend on the factory to get tools for inspection. Some basic tools that all inspectors bring are calipers, measuring tape, barcode scanners, defect stickers, a camera, and a Pantone swatch.