Why are Large Format Flatbed Printer the Best Printers?

Flatbed printing utilizes ultra violet inks which are treated into a strong film when exposed to the wavelengths of UV wavelengths that firmly attach directly onto a substratum. Additionally, a large format UV printer offers the capacity to print on numerous substratum that doesn’t require pre-preparation for size or shape beyond the criteria of the general size of the bed.

Environmentally, flatbed electronic printing is extra lasting as it generates fewer waste cartridges as well as lesser interior air pollution. Also, given that no silkscreens or printing plates require to be manufactured, flatbed printing enables shorter runs of indicators to be generated more economically, as well.

Still not sold? Just take into consideration these countless customization opportunities and advantages to using a large-format flatbed UV printer:


The materials that can be utilized on a flatbed printer are virtually unlimited, such as photographic paper, canvas, film, towel, PVC, plastic, acrylic, ceramic tile, carpeting, glass, steel, ceramic, wood, natural leather, and more.

  • INK:

Gone are the days of not having the ability to publish with white! Its white ink capabilities supply the capacity to develop specialized applications as well as high-value, backlit graphics on any stiff or versatile media or things.

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  • Place White Printing: With a flatbed printer, white can now be used as an area shade on any type of non-white substratum like colored paper, corrugated cardboard, colored plastic, glass, as well as metal.
  • Flooding White Printing: White ink can be printed, making use of flood-fill information created by the printer to cover the entire image area.
  • Day or Night Flood White Printing: Utilizing white as the dispersal layer, as well as printing reverse the rear end, flatbed printing offers the capability to attain day or night prints of backlit or a multi-layered impact on the clear substratum.

With flatbed printing, signs can be as authentic and distinct as a business that picks this approach, including architectural elements where the opportunities are essentially unlimited as architects, structure owners, developers, as well as areas can incorporate form as well as function.

  • FAST

With flatbed printing, the company owner won’t need to bother with changing signs as typically as the ink is shielded versus the elements, protecting against fading as well as fracturing. Even more, print times are minimized, so local business owner obtains higher quality in-house products rapidly as well as properly. 


Energy-efficient flatbed printing provides the ability to integrate more environmentally friendly items since the printers can publish on essentially any kind of product and needs fewer cartridges. In addition, the inks utilized often consist of fewer harmful chemicals, as well as its source of light, which is totally ozone-free.