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Why and how to use a WhatsApp chatbot?

The chatbot is a computer software with artificial intelligence. Its role is to respond to messages from interlocutors in the absence of the recipient. This tool available with WhatsApp is nowadays a must for many users, especially for companies that want to better communicate with their customers. Why use a WhatsApp chatbot? How do you make proper use of the program? Find out more in this article.

Why use a WhatsApp chatbot?

The chatbot is a program that facilitates the exchange between several users. Thus, it offers many opportunities to online entrepreneurs as well as to companies operating in other industries.

With the bot for WhatsApp, you can program pre-written answers to provide to a caller who asks a specific question. For example, you can configure the chatbot as follows:

recipient: “what do you offer as a service?” ;
chatbot: “Our company is specialized in…” ;
Recipient: “What are your opening hours?
chatbot: “We open from…”.

This way you save precious time and probably a potential customer. Better still, the chatbot provides him with quick and accurate information. The customer avoids a long waiting time. This method can also be used for after-sales service.

A loyalty tool

The WhatsApp chatbot allows its user to configure alerts and notifications. You can then send them to all customers or prospects who have already exchanged with the bot. This marketing technique allows you to attract the attention of your interlocutor on your new offers.

Finally, it should be noted that any WhatsApp chatbot user has the possibility to customize their bot for better customer service optimization. This way, they have a tool perfectly adapted to their needs to satisfy their customers.

How to use a WhatsApp chatbot efficiently?

Having a chatbot is good, but getting the most out of it is better. For a good use of the software, you must first define a very precise set of requirements for the bot.

Create the chatbot for a specific purpose

Having a chatbot shouldn’t be just for show. The bot must be able to conduct a coherent discussion with the customers. No inappropriate or useless speech in the answers to provide. For this, it will be necessary to correctly identify the most recurrent questions and prepare appropriate answers.

Automate the answers

The main advantage of a bot is that it can answer at any time of the day without your intervention. But for this to work, you will have to program the response time. The faster the bot responds, the better for your business. This exchange can probably lead to a deal.

Have an easy-to-understand spelling

There is no point in using language that is incomprehensible to your target. They need to easily understand the message conveyed to have a solution to their problem.

However, remember that any message that has not been recorded beforehand by the bot may result in inaccurate responses. You must therefore anticipate as much as possible the questions of your targets to provide clear answers.

Program the software redirection

Although a chatbot is a computer tool, the program has its limits. After a long period of use, the software may not be able to answer customers properly.

In this case, you must foresee a redirection of the messages towards a human assistant who will take care of the customers. This redirection must be done within a very short period of time to avoid leaving the callers without an answer with a bot. So think about configuring this in advance for the satisfaction of your customers.