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What You Should Know About the Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC Headset

Consumers need vital connections to use with their smartphones, and they need convenience options that make it easier to use their smartphones around the house or even when they are out. A headset could provide the right features the user needs and eliminate the hindrances of talking on the phone.

Noise Cancelling Microphone

When reviewing the Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC Headset, consumers notice that their microphone has noise-cancelling technology, and when they speak, the background noise will not go through the microphone, and they can avoid embarrassing situations when their friends are nearby. When speaking on the microphone, the recipient will not have to experience not-so-flattering commentary from the speaker’s friends and will only hear what the speaker is saying.

Cancelling Out Noise and Better Sound

When listening to others, the sound is better, and it will also cancel out background noise around the user. Their calls will not be interrupted by children playing around them or sudden bursts of sound coming from outside their homes. It is a greater overall experience for the user, and they can take important calls without miscommunications and won’t have to continue to turn up the volume just to stay focused on the conversation.

Automating Muting Features

Muting features are wonderful for all users, and if they aren’t engaged in a conversation, they can flip up the microphone to use the muting features. It is a great feature if the user is in a conversation and must speak to someone nearby them without their caller hearing the separate discussion. For example, they can place their caller on hold by flipping up the microphone and handle other tasks without interruptions.

19 Hours of Battery Life

The battery life of the headset is up to 19 hours, and the user could get plenty of time to complete calls before they need to recharge the headset. It is a convenient product for anyone who works from home and must take calls frequently or even someone who has a busy social life that will need to make several calls hands-free. By wearing the headset, the consumer can complete a variety of tasks each day without holding a phone to their head or trying to balance the phone with their neck.

A Great Option for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great product for anyone who is working from home and must work with teams or other workers. The product is compatible with the headset and will provide fast calls and video options for the user. They can use all the same great features the headset offers through the software. They will not have to install additional products to make the headset and software compatible.

Consumers want more convenience and to talk on their smartphone without holding the phone to their ear all the time. Hands-free options are better for smartphones, and the right headset could offer consumers a great way to manage their calls without hindrances. The headset connects to the smartphone and other services on the user’s computer.