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What is Shoot Delivery?

By Vontae Jones

As Michigan’s unforgiving cold steadily approaches, having the proper supplies readily available at your home is more important than ever, but going to get those things is a hassle. Maybe the snow is up to your neck, or you just don’t feel like going out. Thankfully, a solution has arrived in the form of the eximious, multi-purpose delivery app, Shoot Delivery. 

Shoot Delivery is one of the latest to arrive on the product delivery and goods delivery app scene, rivaling juggernauts such as the Doordash delivery app, Uber Eats, and even Lift. So, what sets it apart from those well-established applications? Shoot’s most attractive feature is it allows users to order almost anything with the press of a few buttons. How it works is simple. Upon opening the application, you will see towards the top of the screen a row of circular widgets representing the different market places. All the app’s offerings will be in this row. You’ll find everything from the primary page, Shoot Market (which has the restaurants that partnered with Shoot listed by closeness to you) to a widget that shows Shoot’s collection of partnered, medicinal marijuana dispensers. Yes, that means you can have marijuana products brought straight to you. If you click the white and gold widget called VIP Services, you’ll find that you can submit a custom order request. To make a custom order, type into the appropriate box what you want in as much detail as possible (provide brand names and other pertinent information) and give your name and address so Shoot’s employees can get to you. Pricing for custom orders varies depending on what you ask for and how much travel time is necessary to secure your items and bring them to you. Shoot, however, will always work to get you the best rates for what you desire.

Need groceries, but your car is being fussy?

Shoot Delivery.

Have a craving for a few candy bars or the good chips only gas stations stock?

Shoot Delivery.

Can you order alcohol online?

You can now because of Shoot Delivery.67677ffa-dcba-4e15-b093-08f433958299
No matter the occasion or earthly condition, Shoot is the outlet to get what you need. It connects you to small businesses like your local corner store to large chains like Walmart, making it possibly one of the most versatile and best delivery apps of 2019 and onward. So how is all this miracle work accomplished? Shoot, like Uber and JoyRun, offers individuals the opportunity to earn extra cash by delivering requested products. It’s as simple as applying through Shoot’s sister applications, Shooter and or Shooter Taxi, which allows a partner to pick up and drop people off to their desired location. By having an open employment system, Shoot can ensure that there will always be a collective ready to deliver what you need as soon as possible. 

In short, Shoot Delivery is an exciting, new face to the goods and public service market. It’s run by a dedicated group of young entrepreneurs that are committed to perfecting their services and customer relationships. Currently, the app is only serviceable in the Detroit and Metro Detroit areas; however, expansion is a matter of time. Just as many loathe the fact that they couldn’t buy stock for Amazon when it was selling for a few dollars a share, many will detest not getting involved with Shoot while it’s in its infancy. The application has boundless upward potential, and will soon be known for its aberrant delivery options. 

Detroiters, kick your feet up and start ordering with Shoot, earn loyalty points (which you can redeem for discounts on your next order) by consistently using the app, partner up, and start making money. Businesses, be you large or small, get in touch with the company heads and be the first to support the movement. 

Don’t forget to refer others to the app to get $7 off your next order! You can do this by tapping on the three stacked lines at the top left of your screen, clicking on Refer & Earn, and sharing your unique code on social media or giving it to a friend to use. Happy ordering!

Get that the Shoot Delivery app here.