Trustpilot’s 5 Ways to Understand Customer Experience

The term “customer experience” sounds important, doesn’t it? What does it really mean? It’s subjective, happening in customers’ minds. But, it’s important because it’s made up of all the impressions and feelings they get from interacting with you.

You need a strategy that’s aimed at getting customers to enjoy every aspect of your business more — your customer service, user interface, product design. Everything.

It could be a lot of work, but your efforts could get you many more Trustpilot reviews, which will motivate even more prospects to try you out. As you retool, here are five ways you should think about customer experience.

  1. Great Customer Experience Helps You Thrive

We’ve noticed at Trustpilot that highly satisfied customers spend at least double the amount that somewhat satisfied customers spend. And, somewhat dissatisfied customers spend 10 or more times less.

Try this: List all the points of your business that involve interaction with customers and think of ways to make each a very satisfying experience. Make and keep promises consistently. Also, map out a typical customer’s journey, and then brainstorm ways to meet and exceed expectations at every single stage.

  1. You Can Win Long-Term Customers

It costs much more to persuade prospects to buy from you than to simply keep your existing customers satisfied. Your list of loyal, repeat customers can be one of your top assets. So, make your customer experience memorable.

This extends to how you respond even to dissatisfied customers. If you see a negative review, respectfully reply with a way you are working to solve the customer’s challenge. Show that you care, and you could win over a customer who is more loyal than someone who never had a problem. Most customers will give you another chance if you deliver outstanding service.

  1. You Need Customer Advocates

There are plenty of scams in the world and uncertainty is everywhere. Consumers are looking for third-party reviews and stories to tell them which brands are trustworthy. We’d all love for our customers to produce that content, but how can you make it interesting for them to do so?

You need to try different solutions. Watch what other companies are doing and decide if your customers could enjoy something similar. For example, would customers have fun taking pictures of themselves with your products and posting them on Instagram? Keep testing to find ways to involve your customers and help them have more fun creating content with your brand.

  1. Content Alone Is Not Enough

Have you looked at company blogs and social media accounts? Many of them look and sound the same. Companies know what they’re supposed to do: create content. But, their heart is not always in it. It’s not necessarily unique and interesting.

Go beyond content. Differentiate your brand with exciting, relevant, novel experiences including:

  • Social media campaigns with a game-like atmosphere
  • Customer service training that focuses on engagement
  • Better interactive website design
  • Videos with totally new angles and hooks

Think about every aspect of your business, and don’t keep doing things because you’ve “always done them that way.” You’ll be rewarded by amazing Trustpilot reviews of your business, as well as with customers who advocate for your brand.

  1. The Trust of Your Best Customers Is the Key

To make better experiences and content, you need focus. What does that mean? Don’t create anything for the masses. Instead, figure out who your very top customers are and design everything with just a few unique individuals in mind.

If you expertly satisfy your greatest fans, they will each tell 10 more potential customers about you. Make sure that your personalized experiences are something worth raving about.

Remember that you are a unique business. No one else has exactly what you have, your exact followers, or your exact opportunities to serve. Keep building up Trustpilot reviews and let your customers be your most powerful marketers. Be persistent. You’ve got this!