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Track Your Organic Growth With SEO Analytics

Do you check the status of your SEO campaign daily? No, then why not? You must keep yourself updated with the organic movement of your website regularly. You must check your site’s current status, where you are, and whether or not you are going in the right direction towards reaching your goals. And if you are not getting a good amount of success as expected from the SEO campaign, then you must determine the problem. You should keep checking the effectiveness of the SEO campaign that you or your hired SEO company India agency is running on your behalf. 

If you dot know much about how to track the progress of your website, here is an informative step-by-step procedure you must know. 


The first step to SEO traffic analysis is to have a complete impression of the traffic that is coming to your website. This means taking full account which not just includes organic search results but also other sources from where the traffic is coming. This includes social media posts, PPC ads, video ads, landing pages, and all possible points of entry to your site should be measured in this report. You can use Google Analytics to generate a full traffic report.

The full traffic report is required so that you can note down what percentage of your traffic is coming from organic SEO strategies. You may think that your SEO is paying off as the sale is increasing, but it is necessary to confirm whether this traffic is due to the success of your SEO campaign or your SEO efforts are contributing very little to the success that you are experiencing. So, it becomes essential to get a full view of what’s going on and from where you are getting traffic.


Now that you have a full view of your traffic and know complete details about what is coming in from PPC, social media, and other forms of marketing, it’s right time to look at what exactly you are getting from your SEO efforts.  Pull out your search traffic and compare it to the complete report that you have already generated in the previous step to get a real sense of perspective.

This will give you the percentage of your organic visitors. After getting the true insights on this information, you will get a better idea of how impactful your SEO strategy is at generating conversions. You can also define your ROI.


While using Google Analytics to measure search traffic, it will give you a list of the top 500 keywords people are commonly using to find you.  Take out any branded keywords from the analytics results. Branded searches are evidently going to lead right to you. You don’t need to do a lot in terms of SEO. So, these branded searches will drop your organic results because they are not essentially backing to your SEO campaign.


Once you are done with the organic search traffic details, its time to check your performance using Google Analytics. When it is about conversion, then it means different to different people. To some, conversion means making a sale, while it could be a newsletter subscription to others. That’s what you have to clear before starting your SEO campaign. You must set clear attainable goals.

Run the conversion numbers and compare them to the data of the past year. Check if it has grown or fallen. You can also regulate if other ways of promotion and marketing are paying off.


SEO is undoubtedly important, but you have to stay on top if you are going to run an effective and impactful campaign.