Top 7 software to control remote staff in 2021

The COVID pandemic has forced most of the businesses and companies into work from home shift and remote working setup. According to the study conducted by Fundera Inc. by the year 2028 73% of all the departments will have employees working remotely.  While the employees generally like working from home, but this setup also has its own challenges and problems. For instance, the managers who depend on micro-managing their employees need to keep a consistent eye or have some sort of monitoring on the activities of their employees. This is a challenge in the remote setup as the employees are not physically present in the offices and almost all the work is done remotely.

However, to overcome this problem there are various software tools and applications that provide excellent features and a host of advanced functionalities for monitoring the employees.

The best software options for remote monitoring and controlling of the staff

Work Examiner: The Work Examiner is a premium software that is extremely efficient for monitoring and controlling the activities of your employees. With this software you get a host of advanced features such as monitoring and generating reports based on thorough analysis of the employee activities.  You can get a free trial of Work Examiner to check out some of its best features and functionalities.

Kickidler: This employee monitoring software is one of the best in the market and it comes packed with a ton of advanced features. This software provides online computer monitoring, time tracking of the employees, productivity analysis, screen recording and remote PC access amongst other features. This software also provides you with a dashboard that helps in generating insights through efficient graphs, tables and other visual diagrams for the convenience of managers.

ActivTrak: The ActivTrak is a cloud based software which is used for monitoring the activity of the employees and it provides numerous features to the business owners. Some of these excellent features include effective employee monitoring, workforce productivity monitoring, remote workforce management and workforce analytics for operational compliance and productivity.

Controlio: This is another software that is based on cloud infrastructure and it provides efficient monitoring of employee computer and internet. It tracks the activities of the users for the workers located remotely in stealth mode. You also get the option of watching the screens of your staff live or on demand.

Besides this some of the other software options are Hubstaff, InterGuard and Teramind amongst others.