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Designing and programming websites and the difference between them

Designing and programming sites I definitely saw these two words on the web very often, and every word of them has a wide and great knowledge

Unfortunately, many of us get mixed up. The distinction between them in web design is a different science from web programming

This is science, this is science, and they both complement each other, so a site without good programming is a weak site and a site without a good design is a site that is not liked by visitors.

What is difference between web design & programming?

Website design is the work of everything related to the graphics of the site from the division of the site

Its external shape, design of banners and icons, choice of fonts and colors, and it always takes into consideration the web designer

That the sites are designed according to the appropriate criteria for the visitor, including colors that are comfortable to the visitor’s eye, and distinctive and consistent images

With design and fonts that match the design, website design is a very important thing for any website that wants to succeed,

Because the website design is able to influence the visitor, either he likes or dislikes your site, if there is a hateful design for a site that you come across

You definitely will not like to browse this site again.

Website design is nothing but the process of producing a specific idea in the form of a website design indicating and indicating the desired idea

Its implementation and display the goal of your site and the services it provides you with everything related to web design.

Front and O Design interfaces has several programs that are used, for example: Photoshop,

One Design is Adobe InDesign, as for Back & amp; it has several programming languages, the most important of which are php,, and java.

Frame and hip:

It is a well-known system used in website design and programming

In short, the time can be easily developed and modified. The frameworks are divided

Into two types of coding frameworks: such as Bootstrap – Materialize – Yaml – Foundation Programming frameworks: such as Laravel – CodeIgniter – C

Responsive design:

It is the process of showing the website design in the best way on different devices. There is a large segment of users for your site,

They are from mobile and smart devices, so should we ignore them ?? Responsive website design is not about setting the look of the website on smart devices

To appear appropriately and easy to deal with, and this is the best proof of the importance of frameworks, as most frameworks for coding currently,

It takes into account the responsive design of the site and the very ease of it.

Website design stages

 Define the idea dividing it into components

Create an outline of the site’s appearance and presentation

Start implementing the design on the various design programs

Output the website design as a static website on the browser (site coding process)

Considering and modifying the design to suit different devices (Responsive Design)

Fitting the design to the required programming

Elements of successful web design and programming

Website design or online store design is not considered successful unless it achieves the following goals: –

Clarify and demonstrate the idea of ​​the site and the required goal

Ease of use means simplicity in presentation and delivery of the idea to the visitor

The site’s coding took into account the basic SEO features such as title, meta tag, and dealing with search and archive sites

Usability: What is the meaning of an excellent but difficult site design to work on?

What is web design and corporate programming

Website design and programming is taking care of everything related to the server, linking databases and designing how the site works itself

Handling the site in all its technical aspects

Special programming languages ​​such as PHP, Java and many other languages ​​are used in this.

I always give a simple analogy to differentiate between web design and website programming. Perhaps this analogy will facilitate the matter

Imagine, dear, that the site is simply a “car” if you want to buy a car

The car with distinctive design and powerful engine, chooses the location like the car with special design

The car is the design for the website, the engine here is the programming, and they both complement each other to produce a strong and distinctive website.

This is a simple explanation of the difference between web design and website programming, and the difference between them

But surely we will help you design the best website without errors

Which brings you expansion and spread among your customers and thus achieves the appropriate profit for your business at the lowest prices for web design companies in Egypt

Web programming is no longer a domain reserved for computer, software and information technology engineers.

Indeed programming in general, whether programming websites or applications in their forms, has become a field available to all,

Including people who do not have any technical or software backgrounds.

Site idea

At the beginning, the programmer must gather the necessary ideas about the site he wants to program, this information includes the form that the site will look like, the function of the site, and what content will be published with it, will this site be an online store or will it be specialized in publishing articles and text content only, such as this information It is essential for the programmer to know in order to define the principles that he will work on based on when designing websites. This is in addition to the quality of the site, domain and hosting that the site will work on to choose the programming languages ​​that suit these types of sites.

the design

It is the prototype on the basis of which the programmer can start his work by writing the source code for the site, i.e. the site in its programmatic form. The design is often the graphic designer who is responsible for it, as he designs the site form according to what the site owner wants. The design is done using various design programs, perhaps the most important of which is Photoshop, and this can be done by a programmer if he has sufficient experience to deal with designs, or a designer can be hired to do this task.

programming languages

Electronic store design and programming is important

It is the main part when programming the site, as it is necessary to deal with several languages ​​during programming any of the sites, and the languages ​​that are usually used in programming sites are the following


It is used in programming all sites and it is not considered a programming language as much as it is considered the language of structuring sites, as it is included in the construction of all sites, and those who want to learn programming sites must be proficient in them in addition to HTML5, which is the latest version of the basic language as it includes some additions and improvements, and is characterized Flexible and easy to learn.


It is the language that is used in the formatting and design of the effects on the site, such as colors, their interaction during browsing, the quality of fonts, and other formats. There are two versions in addition to the basic version of this language, in addition to some add-ons that can be used with this language.


Also, one of the languages ​​that is used to add various effects and formatting to the site, such as sliding menus, adding comments to the page, and sliding menus.


It is one of the famous languages ​​widely used in programming websites and applications alike, and it is used by many programmers in building websites and dealing with various databases.

These are the programming languages ​​that are usually used in programming websites, of course it is not necessary that all of these languages ​​be used in the programming of the site. One or two or three languages ​​can be used as needed and according to what we want the site to be, as each of these languages ​​is used for programming A specific section of the site, in addition to the possibility to use other languages ​​in addition to any of these.

It refers to the application that you will use to formulate and edit the site’s code, where the site will be the beginning of a programming code written in the programming languages ​​that were used to program the site, there are many programs that can be used for this stage of programming websites.

Those who use Windows systems on their computers usually use the basic editor available in Windows systems by default known as Notepad, and there are also other programs that can be used but are not virtualized in Windows as the previous program such as Notepad ++, visual studio code, webstorm. As for Mac systems, it can be Use the text editor for Linux Gedit.

These are the most important basic requirements during programming different websites, and the programmer must be familiar with all of them, otherwise he will not be a programmer in the literal sense of the word, in addition to that he will not be able to access the programming and formulation of the site he wants without these tools and other programming supplies.

Website design and website programming

Website design and programming are often confused, especially those who do not have much experience in this field. Design and programming are two different and complementary things at the same time, it is not possible to create a website without a good and appropriate design for the site, and also the site cannot exist on the web without programming.

All there is to it is that the design of the web or the site is the process of formulating what the site will look like, from colors, fonts, drop-down menus, non-drop-down, text and animation effects, etc., in short, the website design is the formulation of the site as it will appear to the user who visits the site.

As for site programming, it is the formulation of the site as it will appear to the browser, and it is the program that the user uses to access various Internet sites, where the programmer formulates the site from the inside, how it will work, its database and all technical matters that do not appear to the average user during his visit and browsing the site. In short, programming is the engine that runs the website.

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Build a website without programming

There are many means that enable a person to create his own website even if he has any experience in the field of programming, and I do not mean here to use a programming expert or programmer to build and design websites despite the possibility of this, as there are many programmers who offer their services independently For those who want to build their own website.

But in addition to this method, it is possible to use some platforms that provide the possibility of building the site by anyone even if he does not have any prior experience in the field of programming and programming codes, it is true that such platforms do not provide full control over the elements of the sites as it is when programming the site manually, but it may It is suitable for people who are sufficient for some characteristics and do not have sufficient knowledge in the field of programming. Among the most famous of these platforms, web design and programming without programming.

Webflow CMS

In addition to it provides hundreds of ready-made templates and designs that can be used, it allows a person to build the site in the style and way he wants through the tool dedicated to that provided by the site, regardless of the type of the site, whether it is a blog, store, business gallery or otherwise.

Webflow 3D transform

It is a platform belonging to the same company that owns the previous site, but in this platform it is possible to build a three-dimensional prototype of the site and its various sections in addition to formulating the various effects that we want on the site, in addition to many other characteristics and all of this can be done without any programming code or prior programming experience .


This site enables the user to build a site compatible with the famous wordpress content management system, in addition to that it provides dozens of templates that can be modified to match the shape of the site we want, as it is possible to amend all the details of the form without requiring any form of programming expertise.

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