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Tips To Increase Google Reviews For Your Business

Google reviews can be an influencing tool making readers react. If the reviews are positive then customers can visit your website, look for more reviews to confirm their choice or contact your business. 

Positive Google reviews encourage seekers to act, which gives you a chance to convert them into paid customers. There are even negative reviews, which can help businesses, improve and handle it strategically. Never overlook negative reviews. Look at it as a counterweight that increases your positive review validity. 

Tips to increase Google reviews for your business 

Ensure users leave reviews

Create a GMB [Google My Business Page] to attain high-star Avis Google [Google reviews]. As soon as the page is created, optimized, and verified, you can start collecting reviews. The best way is to hire a professional ORM Company like Avis En ligne in Canada.


The easy way can be to ask for reviews from customers that purchased a product from your physical store. They will hardly visit your GMB page and write a review. It even applies to local businesses like the restaurant and hospitality sector. Even average reviews are more beneficial than no reviews. 

Make review form easy

For gathering more reviews, ensure that the review form is simple and clicks are few. Link it with your website’s review page rather than the GMB page. It can turn them off if they have to find your GMB page and then look for the review page to leave their comment. Every extra step is a failure point, where you can lose some possible reviews.

Address negative reviews as quickly as possible

Bad reviews are inevitable. Address them as soon as they appear. It means you need frequent monitoring of reviews. Never delete bad reviews but address them strategically. Try to make things right. If they don’t feel satisfied then don’t push. If they are satisfied then request them to respond to their original comment. 

Gain reviews from other sources

Just bringing reviews from GMV is great but it can even look purchased. Therefore find other business review sources like Angie’s list, yelp, etc. You can allow users to post reviews from their preferred site. Several users go the extra mile and post comments on several sites.

Avoid buying reviews

Fake reviews can help you for some time but soon get exposed. Fake reviews conceal the truth, which is what you desire to promote, especially when your business has nothing to hide.

Add CTA to your Newsletter

Position your GMB profile link in the Newsletter’s footer with a Call-to-action icon. The users that have subscribed to your Newsletter are already familiar with your brand. They will eagerly leave comments when they get the time. The right time is when they are in the right mindset, which is when they are reading your Newsletter. Therefore the link placed at the bottom is effective!

All the above tips are a failure if your services or products are not worthy of reviews. Unsatisfied customers don’t leave an optimistic comment on your page. Therefore ensure that your customer service is exclusive and products or services are as expected. It will organically attract reviews!