How to Improve Website Performance Through Search Engine Optimization?

Website is the online window where you put your products, services, and solutions on display before the targeted audience. However, there are more than 1.1 billion websites on the internet, and attracting customers to your website is always going to be a humongous task. Website performance is one of the key areas that play a huge role. 

Website Performance: What Is It? 

One needs to make a website work like a well-oiled machine and look as appealing as possible. For this, several components and features must work together. You cannot afford a website that is slow, hard to navigate, hard to understand, and not optimized. It will not impress your visitors. As it is said, the first impression is the last impression; a slow and intricate website leaves a bad impact on the visitor, which further impacts its search engine ranking. 

Why Is Website Performance Important In SEO?

In search engine ranking, the performance of the website plays a huge role. The web crawler struggles to crawl a high number of pages due to the website’s slow speed. Not paying proper attention to it will result in a lower ranking. Thus, your website will not rank higher or attract more visitors. However, various other factors help your website rank higher, which include:

  • Content quality 
  • Infographics and graphics
  • Keywords
  • Presentation of photos, videos, and graphics 
  • Site navigation (UI and UX design)

How To Improve a Website’s Performance Through SEO?

As we know, search engine optimization focuses on increasing the visibility of a website on search engines. The entire SEO process involves multiple components that work together to shoot up the ranking; these factors include:

  1. Optimized Images and Videos 

Images and videos are integral parts of a website, and they have a major role in SEO as well. To let users and search engines understand what an image is about, it needs a correct caption, size, alt tags, and file name. Similar factors apply to videos as well. These include the video size, quality, transcription script, title, and meta description.

  1. Relevant Content 

An effective website needs relevant content optimized with keywords. It helps inform and attract visitors.

  1. Regular Content Update

The content needs review from time to time; especially blogs should get updated regularly. Here again, the use of trending keywords is important. 

  1. Alt Tags

Alt tags are important for SEO. They tell users and search engines (Google) what the photo is about. 

  1. Mobile-friendly Sites

Globally most of the online audience browses the internet on their smartphones.

Therefore, it’s critical to optimize your website for mobile use, and it should have a fast loading time.

  1. Fast Loading of Pages

It is imperative that your site loads within 3 seconds, no matter if the user is using a PC, smartphone, tablet, or any other device. Without it, your website will not rank well.

How Does Ralecon Help Your Site with Tailored SEO? 

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Being successful online relies heavily on the performance of your website. An unoptimized site will not rank higher on the search engine. Therefore, you need professional SEO agency services to help your business. If you, too, are searching for the best SEO company in Bangalore. Look no beyond Ralecon!