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Tips and Tricks to Preserve Your Phone Battery Life

The battery life of a mobile phone has a big impact on how useful it is. It’s normal to experience low battery issues given the variety of capabilities it offers, including email, social networking, photographs, and calls. While we might take precautions to safeguard our phones with durable cases, we frequently forget to take care of the battery.

Batteries are not environmentally friendly. They fill up landfills and can worsen the effects of climate change. Also, getting new batteries may be expensive, so preserving its life as long as possible is ideal. This guide will highlight some ways to save your battery. You can also follow tips on to learn more.

Use the Power-Saving Mode

Most contemporary smartphones have a setting that helps increase battery life. You can activate power-saving mode to extend usage when your battery is getting low. To save power, the power-saving mode lowers performance and restricts a few functionalities.

Close Apps When Not In Use

Active apps running in the background can drain the battery even when not used. Users should close apps when not in use to help preserve battery life.

Keep That Screen Brightness Down

The biggest energy consumer on your phone is its screen, so turning it down will significantly extend its battery life. You can even disable auto-brightness if the room is dark and lower the screen’s brightness to the lowest setting that is still tolerable.

Use Airplane Mode

If you have inconsistent network coverage or no network at all, your phone will keep searching for a signal. This makes the battery discharge faster. You can avoid this by putting your device on airplane mode and disabling all wireless connections. You can still use your phone for gaming and taking pictures even with no connectivity.

Switch to Dark Mode

A dark mode or theme is now available on many smartphones, which can help preserve battery life. Dark mode consumes less power than a bright white screen, especially on smartphones with OLED screens. If your phone has a dark mode, use it to help you save battery life.

Turn Off Vibration

Your phone’s vibration feature consumes a lot of battery life to function. Turning it off when not necessary will help you save battery life. Disabling haptic feedback while typing or performing other tasks also helps conserve battery life.

Keep Your Phone Up To Date

Ensuring your phone has the most recent software updates may improve its battery life. These updates frequently include performance upgrades and bug fixes that can reduce battery consumption. Checking for software updates and installing them when necessary if you’re having battery problems is advisable.

How to Pick the Best Battery Optimizing App

  • Search for apps with positive customer ratings and reviews ;
  • Check the app’s features and whether they meet your needs and preferences ;
  • Verify the app’s compatibility with your operating system and device ;
  • By reading its privacy policies, ensure the app doesn’t gather or share sensitive information without your permission ;
  • Avoid apps that demand excessive permissions or make unrealistic promises.


Keeping the battery life up is essential to make the most of your smartphone. Remember that there is no secret method to make the battery in your phone last longer. You only need to turn battery-draining functions off. Also, ensure that your phone’s software is up to date.