The Rise In The Popularity Of Live Wallpapers: Overview 

Live wallpapers add style and dynamics to your phone. The cool backgrounds can make your phone even more attractive and upbeat while keeping its performance on top. Live wallpapers for Android can be set with ease, offering a great range of moving graphics. The art of live wallpapers takes different forms, from video wallpaper, to parallax 2D or 3D, to full 3D wallpaper that can even be interactive, reacting to your fingers’ touch.

Have you ever set a live wallpaper on your smartphone? If the answer is no, let’s tell you more about it. Keep reading to discover everything that you need before applying a cool live wallpaper to your device.

What Are Live Wallpapers?

So basically, Android allows you to use live wallpapers as backgrounds that add movement or a real depth feel to your device. Today, the art of making live wallpapers has evolved to the point of having lots of options to choose from without impacting your smartphone performance.

Some brands offer live wallpapers inbuilt, a sign that these wallpapers are safe and propper for your device.  But if you want something new and custom, you can easily choose a wallpapers app for a more personalized experience.

You can easily find and use premium apps for cool backgrounds such as Live Wallpapers 4k & HD Backgrounds by WAVE. This app offers designer-made HD backgrounds along with a live wallpaper maker that helps design your own cool backgrounds in just a few steps.

Advantages Of Live Wallpapers

There are various advantages of applying live wallpapers to Android devices. Some of the benefits are:

  • A cool design that is moving on your phone looks very engaging. Every person is drawn towards the moving image very easily as they are more entertaining than the regular still wallpapers. They make the phone look prettier and can start a nice chat.
  • Live wallpapers are fun, and you can set them according to your taste. Various wallpapers will keep you feeling connected to your phone. It is a great option to avail if you are passionate about a specific hobby. These wallpapers will give your phone a fresh look that complements your personality to perfection.
  • Animated backgrounds are very modern and help our phones look edgy. This trend has gained tremendous popularity as smartphones evolved. Stay ahead of the curb and download top-quality live wallpapers from premium applications. Smart-made wallpapers are optimized for battery use, acting like a regular video rendering on your phone. For instance, Wave’s wallpapers don’t run in the background when the screen is off or while using other apps.

Final Thoughts

Applications such as Live Wallpapers 4k & HD Backgrounds by WAVE positively impacted the market. With over 10 million downloads WAVE stands out as one of the most popular in its category. The app and the wallpapers delivered are compatible with different Android devices as well.

The wallpapers you’ll find touch on different topics such as animation, nature, sports, fantasy, technology, and many more. Also, you can use your own photos and video to create cool backgrounds with the in-app live wallpaper maker. The app can be used for free or with a premium subscription to remove the ads. All you need to do is download the Live Wallpapers 4k & HD Backgrounds by WAVE to avail such benefits. So now that you know about live wallpapers that make your phone cool and keep the performance on top, why not try them out?