The Reasons For Choosing the Best Monitor Wall Mount

As per the study conducted by the NCBI, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, an approximate of more than 80% of people which use the computer for more than four hours a day get severe back pain. In addition to this, computer users complain various other complications beginning from eye strain, finger and hand particularly the wrist pain, headache, neck pain and above all depression, are the common syndrome of using the computer with  wrong positioning of computer especially the monitor. This is one of the important reasons the computer users should necessarily purchase a monitor mount. The monitor mount adjusts the height and angles to your monitor screen for appropriate view. Look for your best and appropriate Monitor wall mount based on the following criteria.

When you go for purchasing a monitor mount, you must not forget how many monitors you own. If you happen to own three monitors, you should select a three-way mount stand. Often, developers and coders prefer the dual monitor. Similarly, gamers opt for three monitors. In the case of system admins, they prefer four to six monitors.

If you are using the standard monitor stand, you should be knowing that they are rigid and normally do not allow moving. Eventually, you should prefer a best monitor for video conferencing with higher flexibility. One of the important factors for you to consider in the flexibility or adjustability is the rotation adjustment of mounting arms around a vertical pole. Look for the write and left swivel angle, and the optimum forward and backwards tilt.

The height is equally important as rotation. The length of the vertical pole is normally referred to as the height of the monitor mounter. The height is important because this determines the position of the monitor that affects your eyes. The monitor must be positioned on the equal level of your eyes which in turn not only protects your eyes but also your neck and back as well. As a matter of fact, the perfect height of the monitor though gives some protection to your eye but there are some other factors like electromagnetic radiation which you must take care by using proper spectacles for optimum security.

Besides the above component in the monitor mount, you should also be careful of other factors like weight capacity of the mount, the size of the LCD, VESA compliance, type of mount, the build material like whether built with aluminium or steel and how strong they are, cable management etc. while choosing the best mount for you.