The Great Digital Areas You Would Have to Cover

Nothing that makes up our digital life is completely flawless, not a week goes by without a massive hack being revealed. Our internet user data is exposed by the millions, including and perhaps especially when we entrust it more or less blindly to large digital companies.

In the never-won race for security, passwords are notoriously weak, so companies are now taking the next step and looking to use our biometrics.

For The Makers

As a manufacturer and distributor of access and presence control equipment, fido works with integrators and software developers who complete the terminal, so that its operation conforms to the particularities of each solution.

  • One of the distributors designed a solution to help other software developers integrate biometric identification of individuals through methods such as fingerprints, facial recognition, iris or voice. This allows the use of any terminal equipment, biometric capture of samples or user biometric information.
  • The use of this solution allows them to gain in faster development, security and ease of use of their end products.
  • The solution for biometric identification is geared towards software development companies, integrators and solution providers who need to integrate their product features related to the detection, characterization and authentication of people.

The development of this tool is very simple provides a number of advantages:

  • Ease of integration and independence in the programming language.
  • The final application of independent owners.
  • Can be used on different devices from different manufacturers.

It is independent of the biometric technology used. This is also true for the development of fingerprints, vascular and facial, iris and voice biometrics.It allows flexible and scalable licensing based on the number of users who need to identify themselves.In addition, the application developed with the product of our distributor to identify people between a large number of users, with very short response times and very low identification error rate.The result is very fast and easy development, and the management of the final product conforms to the latest technologies, sensors and biometric devices.

How It Works

Fido works with integrators and software developers to distribute their biometric products. Solutions such as this offer the marketing strength of biometrics, as they adapt to specific customer needs and comply with all requirements.


It’s no secret that password security is often deplorable. Good passwords, long ones that mix lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters, are difficult to remember unless you use a password manager, which few people seem to do. As a result, people tend to choose passwords that are easy to remember, such as names or dates of birth, or nonsense like “password” and “1234”. Attempts to hijack people from such passwords are unsuccessful, and as a result many businesses and organizations try to fix the problem by getting rid of passwords altogether.