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The Fastest Way To Push Down Negative Online Content

You do everything in your power to maintain a strong presence online. You understand your business heavily depends on your ability to promote and interact through various internet platforms. You connect with customers through social media, and you maintain a blog. You do everything you can to build your positive online reputation, and then, out of the blue, you’re bombarded with negative content. Perhaps disgruntle former employees are creating faulty reviews to try and drag down your business. Maybe there are blog posts from customers who did not properly use your product and are now telling other customers not to buy what you are selling. Whatever the reasoning, negative online content can have a dramatically bad impact on your business. So what exactly can you do about it? Here are several of the fastest ways you can push down negative content online. 

Ask For It To Be Removed

In some cases you are able to ask for the negative content to be removed. If there is a website that hosts reviews you can contact this website and explain the situation. If it is a former employee writing up bad reviews the hosting website will likely remove the content right away. They don’t want their own review reputation to be polluted by inaccurate reviews. This is one way to take advantage of negative content removal methods. 

Respond To The Negative Reviews

Yelp is an excellent platform for spreading the word of your company, what you sell, and the products you offer. However, there are some customers who will attempt to hijack this. This is especially the case with a restaurant. If they do not have an outlandish demand met they might threaten to go to Yelp and give you a poor review. You should not be held for ransom over your Yelp review, especially if they are making requests that are impossible to address. So, if someone leaves you a negative review you can respond to these reviews right away. Other customers will see your attempt to reach out and either rectify the problem or address the concern. Failure to respond either gives off the appearance that you don’t care what people write on review services or the bad review is true. 

Create More Content

An online reputation management service will help you create more content. Because there will be times when there’s nothing you can do regarding the negative post. It’s either on someone’s blog or it is a public review that won’t be amended. You can’t delete it and requesting the removal might result in the writer crafting additional negative content. So, your best course of action is to continue pumping out content. The more content you pump out the further down the negative review will be pushed on search engine results. Additionally, if you use similar keywords as those found in the negative reviews in your own content you can use the poor press to your advantage. 

Take Advantage of Reputation Management Experts

You are busy. You don’t always have time to address every single negative review online. This is where reputation management experts come in. They are able to address the situation and keep your online profile looking as good as possible, which will help you with pulling in new customers and potential clients.