Should I Buy Bike Insurance Online Or From The Dealer?

According to the motor vehicle act, two-wheeler also needs to have a valid insurance policy.It certainly provides plenty of protection in many ways. Though getting this policy is not a challenging task as one can go to the office of the concerned insurance company for the same and get a policy; another option is to check the same online and buy a policy from there. Many people yet follow the old system of an agent or going to the company for this policy as they are not aware of the online system, which is much convenient and hassle-free.

Here are a few benefits that can help a buyer decide if he should go for online purchase of policy or not.

  • Ease of comparison: If one goes for insurance from the online portal, he can easily compare the policy features and premium in a few minutes. This can help him reach a conclusion in a few seconds. In offline, to have such comparison, one has to roam from office to office and spend huge time for comparison only. Hence for the buyers, online purchase is more straightforward than the offline one. One can get the quote in a few minutes and save the same for other important tasks.
  • Multiple options: In the online purchase option, one can consider various options at a time. One can check each of the plans from different service providers in terms of their features, cost and inclusions as well as exclusions. These options can help one to have the right policy at the right cost. One can also reduce premium if he opts different features, changes IDV and go for the third party as well as a Comprehensive Plan. Hence getting the plans checked online can be more helpful than checking the same with any agent or local branch.
  • Quick process: If one goes for online purchase of insurance, it can be purchased quickly and at any point of time. The buyer can also get a document on his email in a few minutes. Hence in case one needs to have quick coverage, this can be the best option instead of going for offline policies.
  • Any time a purchase is possible: One can check the insurance policy at any time may it be midnight or early morning. The quote generation is automated, and hence there is no time limit for the checking or buying of insurance policies. One can buy a policy even on Sunday and public holiday or before one hour of expiring of current policy.
  • Reasonable rates: The online premium policy can be availed at much low rate compared to the offline policy. In online option, the company does not need to pay commission to the agent for the insurance policy and the buyer can have the benefit of the same in the form of a policy at a low premium.

Buying bike insurance policies online is always better for sure

People these days have hardly time to be at the office of the dealer and discuss the features and limitations of the concerned insurance plans. Adding to the same, the cost of plan purchased online is higher than that of online insurance. Hence looking to all the benefits and limitations of the offline and online purchase of insurance policy it is better for an individual to go for the online purchase of the policy which is flexible and cost-effective as well as easy to avail. The offline system is suitable for those who do not have resources for the online option.