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SEO Expert Brad Site Down -98% After Google’s Warning

Even a reputable SEO Expert, can’t escape from Google’s wrath!  Before the Penalty, SEO Expert Brad website had an outstanding organic traffic performance – averaging almost 20,000 monthly SEO traffic. He’s holding top rankings for most of the competitive keywords like “SEO Expert” and “SEO Consultant”.

SEO Expert Brad is one of the experts I admire. I’m surprised knowing his site hit hard by Google. Anyway, I believe with his expertise; he can quickly recover this penalty.

What Recent Google Warning Brad May Overlook?

Google issued a warning about leasing subdomains or subfolders. Last August 15, Google tweets about this.

Even Google said that this is not directly against their guidelines – this is still a sort of warning! Especially,they emphasized their improved systems that could know better which content is independent of the main site.

Recently, it’s noticeable around social media thatGoogle started penalizing those sites leasing or renting subdomains or subfolders off their main domain.

Google’s Recent Update is not Perfect

Upon checking, Brad site doesn’t lease out subdomains or subfolders. Why his site experienced a big drop?

It seems Google misinterpret a few pages of his site, unrelated or independent from his site’s theme.

Also, I checked other sites like offering “Roofing SEO”. It’s traffic nosedived too by -54%.

I’m not so sure yet if this is the main reason for Brad’s big drop because I still see other SEO sites with niche SEO services, not getting affected.

Any ideas or assumptions you have in mind?

I already messaged Brad on about this issue and asked his expert opinion.  I let you know when I get a reply from him.

Also, you may visit my SEO website to keep in touch with me about my other SEO insights and analysis.