How You Can Improve Customer Experience with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad term that is used to cover aspects of technology advancement that will change how the world works. It’s used in many industries already and is increasingly affecting retail and service sectors of the economy. Here are four ways digital marketing agency Auckland recommend you use AI to improve customer experience for your business:

  1. Added Convenience

A significant driving force for customer experience is convenience. Everyone appreciates an intuitive experience, and value anything that makes life more stress-free.

However, personalized convenience is even more essential. With AI, it’s possible. If AI can collect data on our browsing and buying habits, then retailers will be able to curate content for consumers that’s personally tailored to them, according to their needs.

Being able to provide individually catered shopping recommendations that consumers are interested in, will make their lives easier – and in turn, will create loyalty to your brand. They’ll sooner support your business than competitors, all because of the perceived relevance when browsing your website.

  1. Tailored Shopping

When it comes to keeping customers happy, businesses understand how important it is to provide products and services that interest their customers. More importantly, they should know what doesn’t interest their customers. Why would you send adverts about baby clothes to someone who doesn’t have a baby, and isn’t expecting one? Why would an unemployed person be interested in a trip overseas? It’s safe to say that every time an advert has been filtered to the wrong person, the money to market that ad has been wasted.

With AI, you can create highly personalized services that are relevant to each person individually. Your customers will feel understood and closer to your brand, and they’ll be willing to spend money on your business because your marketing efforts are personalized.

  1. Service Whenever You Need It

If you have an issue with a retail company – for example, an item you bought online is damaged, or delivery is overdue – you’ll need to contact customer services. However, waiting for business hours to speak to someone can be frustrating. Fortunately, many retail companies have adopted virtual assistants and chatbots to solve this problem.

VAs and chatbots assist consumers who need solutions wherever they are, whenever they need it. Being able to use AI services to track a package, or find a contact detail for a sales rep when they need it improves the customer’s experience.

  1. The Right Product, When and Where You Are

AI is making shopping more opportunistic, by providing what you need, when you need it. Think about it – you were rushing out of the house to go to work and left your lunch on the counter. When you get hungry later, AI could advertise lunch spots that are close to your office, so that you can order something online quickly and conveniently. Therefore, by using location-based services, AI programs will advertise the right products to you when you need them, wherever you are.

That makes going about your daily schedule much easier because you won’t have to factor time and effort into finding stores that you need – such as gas stations – when you’re on the go. Are you working in another city for a few days, and need to pick up a gift from a store? With your data as well as history and cookies, AI can advertise the right product from the correct location.


It’s likely that your industry is highly competitive, which means that you have to go above and beyond to make your customer’s experience more satisfying and memorable. Using AI as a resource means that you can improve customer experience by automatically serving relevant content and responding to queries instantly. AI also saves money by utilizing comprehensive data about your consumers, which can be used in your digital marketing agency’s campaigns in the future.