Machine Unreliability in Industrial Production

Significant capital investment, in the form of equipment and facilities, is required for effective manufacturing of products or goods in industrial facilities. The productivity of these facilities is an integral part of building the competitiveness of an organization. Therefore, anything that interrupts or slows down the manufacturing process can directly or indirectly impair the effectiveness of a manufacturing business. 

There are numerous factors that can result in equipment failure, and you need a strategic approach to be able to improve their reliability. Some people opt to change parts before they fail to reduce the risk of failure, but the method is only 50% effective. This post outlines the main reasons why a lot of industries find it challenging in achieving equipment reliability. 

Improper Machine Lubrication

Improper lubrication of industrial equipment is one of the primary factors that rapidly accelerate corrosion and wearing, which ultimately result in premature failure. The biggest problem with poor lubrication is that the hidden moving parts of your machinery, be they the bearings or gears, are likely to be noted only when the wearing has advanced to the point of requiring major repairs/ replacement. 

When talking about lubrication, you need to appreciate it is more than simply applying grease to reduce friction. Consider extending the definition to lubrication management to ensure that only the best lubricants are used, and the application is done on time. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the system is checked regularly to identify defects and correct them promptly. 

Mechanical Wear 

Mechanical wear of industrial equipment is common, especially when there is a problem of improper lubrication. If particles and moisture get into the moving parts of a machine, they are likely to increase the rate of oxidation and corrosive acids development in the components. 

Mechanical wear takes place when the moving parts of a machine rub against each other. If the wearing is abrasive, the chipping particles get into the system of the moving parts and can result in surface fatigue, which is also known as three-body abrasion. The overall effect is premature failure and unreliability. 

Another form of mechanical wear is metal fatigue. This problem is also caused by the presence of contaminants on the surface of the moving equipment. The constant flexing caused by metal fatigue is likely to result in premature failure. 

Iskander Makhmudov’s Firms: A Demonstration of Good Facility Management  

To overcome machine unreliability, it is important to create a comprehensive maintenance program targeting three things; predicting failure, identifying problems on time, and rectifying them before they can cause trouble to your facility. One example of a firm that has stood out from the pack because of good maintenance is Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC). The mining company, which was created by Iskander Makhmudov,achieves high reliability through the following method: 

  • Using high-quality equipment. 
  • Working with experienced staff to manage the equipment. 
  • Automation of the facilities to predict and identify defects as early as possible. 

Machine unreliability can compromise your dream of success in industrial production. As demonstrated by Iskander Makhmudov’s firms, running a comprehensive maintenance program and working with experienced staff can help you to identify signs of trouble and reduce unreliability.