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LIMS installation

Before considering a LIMS installation, make sure you have selected the right laboratory information management system to meet your needs. Have you defined existing workflows using process charts and confirmed they were accurate? Does the LIMS eliminate bottlenecks and problem areas within intersecting lab workflows? Have you assigned a manager whose primary role is to ensure implementation of a LIMS goes as smoothly and expeditiously as possible? Managers should create a list of issues your new LIMS is meant to address and solve. Meeting with lab end users is also essential for receiving feedback regarding the most and least productive aspects of your old LIMS (if applicable).

Transitioning to a New LIMS–Expectations vs Realities

A LIMS installation is not a one-day event. Between developing flowcharts of current processes, determining key roles a LIMS should assume in your lab and setting up the LIMS, it could take one to two weeks before full integration of the LIMS is completed. However, once employees begin utilizing a LIMS, the transition will still be in flux until all parameters have been appropriated and incorporated by systems processes.

During installation of a LIMS, employees should be given ample opportunities to understand various facets of the software, learn how to properly use the software and what to do when issues arise. A LIMS can only be optimized to its fullest when users are thoroughly trained and familiar with the system’s abilities. Streamlining communications among lab staff as a LIMS is being installed and implemented is critical to enjoying a successful laboratory information management systems project. Managers should further encourage workers to promptly bring forward concerns or complaints instead of working around their concerns during the transition.

Contact Blaze Systems Today to Learn More About LIMS

Superior laboratories depend on cutting-edge information technology to stay competitive in an ever-evolving industry. Blaze Systems LIMS offers the following benefits you won’t find with other LIMS:

  • Centrally stored data that is quickly accessible
  • Significantly improved, nontraditional archiving of data that is easily retrieved when necessary
  • Automation of change tracking and reporting
  • Exceptionally enhanced management of workflow processes that previously required additional resources
  • Clarified communication between department extensions that rely exclusively on laboratory services and products
  • Refined data quality that may ultimately lead to total elimination of human and testing errors

The goal of Blaze Systems is help you succeed by providing expert assistance throughout your LIMS installation project. We work with any size lab, including small contract and Fortune 100 businesses, to ensure installation is complete and satisfactory. Call us today to find out more about the advantages of using a Blaze Systems LIMS.